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Freshwater eel

The food culture of the land reflects climate of the land.
Here, the food which has been brought up by climate of Narita is introduced.

 Freshwater eel

In fact, a check required is that Narita is "the town of Freshwater eel".

Japanese and Freshwater eel

Lake Imba

Obtain lean person せによしといふものぞ eel in summer to say I れもの to stone Maro, and eat it; Yakamochi Otomono

This is one poem of Yakamochi Otomono put in Manyoshu, but the food of the Freshwater eel is considerably old and indicates that it was admitted as the restorative which Freshwater eel is praised to the skies as as tonic medicine from the times of all ages, and there is an effect in to losing weight in the summer.

It is very interesting what kind of how to eat was done, in any case is it not reliable in those days only that it may be said that it is indispensable ingredients for Japanese as for the Freshwater eel?

Narita and Freshwater eel

Freshwater eel shop

The Freshwater eel of Narita has an old origin.

Culture became popular, and Freshwater eel dishes were common for a long way off that Freshwater eel came to be available anywhere in Narita.

When the visit to Narita became popular in the Edo era, the Tone River and fisheries of the Lake Imba were provided to a prayer visitor without an other idea for the invention of the dishes which treated a visitor in the Japanese inns of the temple town.

Originally it seemed to have been given to the visitor as River fish cooking rather than Freshwater eel dishes, but if popularity of the Freshwater eel increased in Edo, I was and seem to have come to do Freshwater eel dishes in the summertime with an article for sale.

Freshwater eel of Narita

In distance 800m, the Naritasan approach to a shrine about 15 minutes on foot, old Japanese inns and restaurant link the eaves. Of these, many stores put Freshwater eel dishes in the menu. The example which Freshwater eel people crowd by all these density is the whole country, but, in fact, Narita is unusually "a town of the Freshwater eel". Is it still an old trace?

Approach to a shrine

Freshwater eel comes to dishes without exception in a banquet.

Banquet cooking


Please see wonderful craftsmanship to deal with Freshwater eel!

It is Freshwater eel in Narita

In Narita, Freshwater eel Festival is held from mid-July through mid-August every year.

Restaurants such as the full-scale store specializing in Freshwater eel dishes, hotel, French cuisine participate in Freshwater eel Festival in usual.

Enjoy the secret sauce of the specialty store of several ways to come to each shop;, too, and can enjoy competition for taste of the Freshwater eel of Narita not to be able to taste in the others such as the Freshwater eel of the tempura restaurant, the Freshwater eel of the sushi bar, the Freshwater eel of the noodle shop, the Freshwater eel of the hotel.

Unaju Sushi unadon Freshwater eel dishes

Tempura and unaju うな zosui Freshwater eel bone

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