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Take the ease in a market; is a Narita city public facilities district wholesale market already

The had market has the role that is important as a physical distribution base binding a producer and consumers together, and, let alone fresh freshness vegetables and the ingredients such as marine products, various articles such as Miscellaneous goods or 包材 which are necessary for the business of a restaurant and the product sales shop always overflow in good shout and vigor of the energy of the broker.

A Narita city public facilities district wholesale market is the best market in the Chiba north total district.
8,489 tons, 2008 are 9,213 tons 2007, and, as for the traffic of fruits and vegetables, it is mainly on Narita city in the supply zone a range of a radius of about 30km including Katori-shi.
It may be unexpected, but Chiba with Narita is the whole country, but the amount of agriculture production of 2008 is the national third place next to Hokkaido, Ibaraki in an agriculture prefecture of the finest.

In the Narita market, various vegetables and fruit are had mainly on local vegetables from the various parts of Japan every season and a large size cooling box is introduced to keep the freshness and acts for improvement in quality.

In addition, 10,444 tons, 2008 are 9,513 tons, and 2007 is that various food is traded using a market of Narita in the fishery products in a wide area including Chiba-shi and Sosa-shi and Toride-shi, Ibaraki across the Tone River.

I make use of the comfortable geographical advantage including land route access and the network of expressways with one of the best fishing ports in the whole country such as the Choshi Port in the Narita market, and various marine products are had from not only shore fish landed off Chiba but also the all over Japan. I make use of convenience of the Narita International Airport, and various fish are transported by air recently from all the countries of the world.

In fact, the Narita International Airport is proud of one of the most tuna "unloading quantity" in Japan.
From this, it may be understood that the fishery products of the restaurant of Narita are fresh and are delicious as it is the big fisheries physical distribution base which can handle the fishery products which the Narita market having Narita International Airport has abundant, and fishery products such as the sashimi shipped from here line up on a restaurant in the suburbs of Narita and your table.

The market is not wholesaler and relation wholesaler のためだけの facility.
As general consumers can use it and are available casually on the market opening day, he/she arrives by all means, and how?

In the case of a visit and shopping, time for arriving recommendation is 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. when the stocking of the supplier was completed. When it is past this time, there seems to be the store cleared up.

In addition, please be careful as the vehicle of the supplier and terre (three-wheeled transportation vehicle) come and go frequently in the hall.

Particularly, as service business to general consumers, thanks day to be heated to be heated" is held with associated food ridges every month on fourth Saturday. Other than flea market and a lottery, a straight tuna dismantling demonstration spot sale is held and is full of a large number of customers every time and becomes popular at all.

It is Narita market ならではです that can look at the dismantling of the full-scale tuna regularly. Please look at handling of kitchen knife of the force in front. Furthermore, the plan such as the visit to market society is held early in the morning, too.

It is various, and food culture to intend perishables with high freshness, the role as the leading figure of the lifestyle are demanded from the wholesale market by the surge of the needs of consumers for recent "food safety, relief". In addition, the person concerned works together that the diversification of the distribution format including the increase of the sale, hypermarket direct from the field advances and pushes forward the administration that is effective as the important leading figure who is in distribution form while the low price-oriented security intention of consumers advances in total, and to have consumers understand the role of the market widely.

In this way, "the meal" that is essential for us.
It may be said that security, a market providing reliable ingredients is a very immediate place.
And the communication with people and people who are short to us who are becoming thin above all in the modern society can be strongly felt, and it may be said that the conversation with people in market is one of the pleasure.
All of you have feel the market which is a base of the food distribution to be closer, too and would like to go out by all means?

The market which can be also known as theme park of the meal.
You take the ease, and, as for another 2 (, look at the FEEL Narita market where this charm was fully introduced to.

Narita market

Regular holiday In Sundays and holidays, not being set Wednesday (please confirm it in official homepage (External link))

Narita city public facilities district wholesale market TEL 0476-23-0021

Narita synthesis distribution center TEL 0476-24-1221

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