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Take the ease in a market; the market is already a theme park of the meal

Every Saturday, the Narita market changes in pleasant shopping heaven.
The Narita city public market is proud of the best traffic in the Chiba north total area. I am labelled as "a day to open it to the public" now towards the open fun place that consumers can sincerely enjoy in the market on every Saturday, and various events are held.

"Narita market" is enjoyed

The theme park of the meal! Narita market full of the vigor was reported.
Please see. The fresh ingredients which formed a line crowdedly.




As for the fish, the relation between connoisseur wholesaler chooses the recommended article of the day. A sea cucumber or the mil shellfish are super and are the rare ingredients only in the market not to be able to readily see.

A fresh thing is displayed at a sardine and the horse mackerel so that of course sashimi can do it. The high-quality ingredients such as a sea urchin and the salmon roe are sold at big size for business use and are recommended to the joint purchase with the friend.

Seasonal fruit is a fresh reliable bargain box unit, and, in the fruits and vegetables section, various types are set so that the seasonal foliage plant culinary plants which felt good do undecisiveness.

This market.
The recommendation in particular is thanks day to be heated to be heated" of "the day of ぱくぱく vegetables" of second Saturday and fourth Saturday.

Great popularity! Thanks day to be heated to be heated" is enjoyed

A plan to fully enjoy thanks day to be heated to be heated" of fourth Saturday is introduced.
At first, you get up early, and please go to the market using around 8:00 as an indication. Shall vegetables, fishery products, meat, sweets ... さぁ, what be bought for a guide?

If a receipt is got, let's get the rearranging ticket of the lottery where exchange begins at 9:00. It can be exchanged for one piece of rearranging ticket of the lottery that is held from 10:30 when a receipt for 1,000 yen that did shopping in a market is shown.

As the rearranging ticket is limited in the number of sheets, it becomes prosperous very much every time so as to have possibilities to disappear when it is not got early.

It is recommended to put the article that there is a lot of it in both hands in taken my background. Because, with the shopping bag, it cuts into a hand, and I come to have a pain. It will be good to put away to the car. When there are an air conditioner box and a cold insulator, it is felt safe that it is assumed that eatables is bought.

Well, please aim at the first depths of the fisheries ridge if 9:30 approaches. Japanese parsley is a performed place, but it is usually here in the venue of the straight tuna dismantling show with "Narita market sale City to be heated to be heated" for from 9:00 to 11:00 on the date on thanks day to be heated to be heated".

At the dismantling show, many customers line up impatiently in start time and wait for the start of the show.

When it is 9:30 of the start time, relation wholesalers share it and handle a big tuna skillfully. At first, a head is taken, and the tuna takes down the body to three pieces, and we gradually turn a figure into a case of the familiar size.

The tuna which was in a condition of the case is packed in a pack, and the red meat is sold to the customers whom 500 yen, the fatty tuna form a line for 1,000 yen and waited for. The people to want several line up many times and they line up in whole family and buy what pack.

And, of course, as for the fun, "the backbone" is a "salted fillet" struggle University rock, paper, scissors meet "head".

As the rare part of the delicious tuna can be got at a bargain price, both an adult and the child raise a hand innocently, and the venue is wrapped in Nature and a smile.

And I wait impatiently, and "a great lottery" begins at 10:30.
With the rearranging ticket of the lottery ticket exchanged beforehand to いざ venue.

The fun of the blank pear. Well, what can be got?

A meal is enjoyed in a market

It is noon soon if I notice. It is about time when I become starving because the considerable steps are walked.

In the site of the market, restaurants stand in a row.

Of course it is bargain because it is the shop of the relation wholesaler purveyor. And it is delicious.
The volume is a perfect score, too.

A Japanese food shop and Ramen of the Italian-like interior, Sushi. It becomes fun just to choose the shop.


When a receipt for 1,000 yen that did shopping in a market is shown on "the day of ぱくぱく vegetables" of second Saturday, assorted vegetables that there is many it is presented so as not to be able to eat.

Large many vegetables which seem to be profitable are packed closely when I do shopping commonly and are a present of the great help for a domestic housewife.

How about? With children and a friend, do you not want to really go to the market?
Fresh advantageous shopping is done by turnout in pleasant Narita market, and please enjoy it with all one's might by all means.

(let's enjoy an FEEL Narita market, and look at (

Narita market

Regular holiday In Sundays and holidays, not being set Wednesday (please confirm it in official homepage (External link))

Narita city public facilities district wholesale market TEL 0476-23-0021

Narita synthesis distribution center TEL 0476-24-1221

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