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With the thought of Gohyaku Rakan ancient people

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a famous temple with a venerable history that a person of prayer about 10 million a year or more comes, but there is much highlight as well as Daihondo Hall in the wide precincts.
Above all, the temple called "Shakado" is appointed to the important cultural property of the country and is an audience very much.

Daihondo Hall is seen in the front, and Shakado in the left depths is completed in 1858 and is a temple made with a total zelkova (zelkova) which left characteristics of the in the latter half building well in the main hall of a Buddhist temple before current Daihondo Hall being erected in the Edo era.

The erection of this main hall of a Buddhist temple seemed to have surprised people at the time with アッ, and it was for reputation with the fashion of the counting song that sang the grand main hall of a Buddhist temple very much in the Edo city.

Only as for the person who praises it if excellent, and quits four つとせ 寄 せばさわれば carvings

Gohyaku Rakan fitted around a temple is engraved, and, with a sculpture written in a counting song, master craftsman of Buddhist image Ryozan Matsumoto called a money of Fudo soldier of the Imperial Guard is the tour de force which flows into it, and carved an effort, the spiritual strength for ten years in relief.

Various figures of Rakan that is an exerciser of the Buddhist doctrine of 500 are made relief to a board without resembling nobody.
And it is said that the face similar to oneself and the acquaintance can be found by all means from this. Of the sculpture this as for the figure which the face of the expression that is full of feelings has humanity, and is humorous, and was full of life is greatest; it may be said that is attractive.

The people who came for prayer in the times without the photograph found out Rakan similar to the feature of the dead person and learned the emotion that seemed to meet again after a long absence and might have remembered the feature of good old people.

In the district with the Narita city, a representative of this family prayed in Shakado after a funeral and saw Gohyaku Rakan, and there were manners and customs to remember a dead person. And Narita souvenir was bought for a return of the prayer, and I behaved to the various places of the neighborhood that came to the maid of the funeral, and I seemed to hold a service for the deceased. It is said that these manners and customs continued until the latter period of the Showa era.

It is very valuable experience to be able to see the masterpiece of the Buddhism sculpture close. With the thought of ancient people, unique Rakan meet it.
A heart is shaken to a beautiful sculpture, and I yearn for the people, and I mourn for people. Time when the daily noise is left, and introspection is made incidentally.

Shakado may be a place doing the sensitivity of people wealthily.
I have pray at Shakado by all means on prayer in Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, and would a sculpture of Gohyaku Rakan like to be thoroughly enjoyed?