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Narita market

Narita market

The Narita city public market (Narita market) is proud of the best traffic in the Chiba north total area.
The had market has the role that is important as a physical distribution base binding a producer and consumers together, and, let alone fresh freshness vegetables and the ingredients such as marine products, various articles such as Miscellaneous goods or 包材 which are necessary for the business of a restaurant and the product sales shop overflow in good shout and vigor of the energy of the broker.


Narita market

Japanese parsley ground of the tuna

I make use of the comfortable geographical advantage including land route access and the network of expressways with one of the best fishing ports in the whole country such as the Choshi Port in the Narita market, and various marine products are had from not only shore fish landed off Chiba but also the all over Japan.
I make use of convenience of the Narita International Airport, and various fish are transported by air recently from all the countries of the world.

It is the big fisheries physical distribution base which can handle abundant fishery products, and, in the Narita market having Narita International Airport, fishery products such as the sashimi shipped from here line up on a restaurant in the suburbs of Narita and your table. The one which the fishery products of the restaurant of Narita are fresh, and is good may be understood.

I am labelled as "a day to open it to the public" on every Saturday, and, towards the open place that a customer can sincerely enjoy in the market, various Events is held.
General consumers can use it casually on the market opening day, too.

In the case of a visit and shopping, time for arriving recommendation is 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. when the stocking of the supplier was completed.
(when it is past this time, please be careful as there is the store cleared up.)

The fresh fish section filled with vigor Fruits and vegetables ridge of vegetables and the fruit

As for the fish, the relation between connoisseur wholesaler chooses the recommended article of the day.
Fresh fish form a line so that sashimi can do it, and the high-quality ingredients such as a sea urchin and the salmon roe are sold at big size for business use and are recommended to the combination purchase with the friend.
They are super, and the rare ingredients only in the market not to be able to readily see can get.

In the fruits and vegetables section, seasonal fruit is available by the fresh reliable bargain box unit.
I line up so that various fruits and vegetables have undecisiveness of the seasonal foliage plant culinary plants which felt good at the beginning.

In the site of the market, restaurants stand in a row.
Of course it is bargain because it is the shop of the relation wholesaler purveyor. And it is delicious. The volume is a perfect score, too.

Abundant ingredients are varied Fresh fishery products are choice

Restaurant to line Meal of the market direct shipment


Thanks day to be heated to be heated

On second Saturday, various Events is held every month on fourth Saturday.
The recommendation in particular is held on fourth Saturday; thanks day to be heated to be heated."
Other than a lottery and the special price city without the loser, a straight tuna dismantling demonstration spot sale is held and is full of every time a large number of customers and becomes popular at all.

The state to handle a big tuna by the professional skill at a stretch on the spot is a force perfect score!
The case cut and brought down is purchased at a market special price on the spot.
It is Narita market ならではです that can look at the dismantling of the full-scale tuna regularly.
Furthermore, the plan such as the visit to market society is held early in the morning, too.
Please enjoy fresh advantageous shopping by turnout with all one's might in pleasant Narita market.

Tuna dismantling show Annual lottery

Let's enjoy an FEEL Narita market, and look at (,

Narita market

Regular holiday In Sundays and holidays, not being set Wednesday (please confirm it in official homepage (External link))

A map is this>>>


Narita city public facilities district wholesale market TEL 0476-23-0021

Narita synthesis distribution center TEL 0476-24-1221

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