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Freshwater eel of Narita

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A prayer visitor is entertained with Freshwater eel dishes from the Edo era

Narita who was endowed with the fishing ground of the Lake Imba, and treated a prayer visitor of the Naritasan. Around Naritasan Omotesando Street, a shop handling much Freshwater eel cooking links the eaves.

  • It is eating a food with great relish in unrivaled article Freshwater eel

    In Omotesando for about 800m, a building full of the emotion equals JR from Narita Station of Keisei to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and still leaves a feature of the Edo era strongly. Japanese inns and a restaurant leaving an ancient fragrance for a street in now link the eaves.

    I go on a trip, and it is thought that one of the pleasure eats a noted product of the land.
    A noted product of the meal of Narita is Freshwater eel. Along the Naritasan approach to a shrine, there are many well-established restaurants inheriting "the secret hanging" from generation to generation. Be wrapped up in a fragrant appetizing fragrance to burn the Freshwater eel and can smack the lips in taste of each shop pride.
    In fact, Narita of the nature of the locality that is rare nationwide that Freshwater eel people gather by all these density is "a town of the Freshwater eel".

  • Narita and Freshwater eel

    The Freshwater eel of Narita has an old origin. Culture became popular like the present age, and people who lived in this area for a long way off that Freshwater eel came to be available anywhere ate River fish dishes produced in the Lake Imba which was the treasure house of blessings of nature. Above all, the Freshwater eel dishes with high nutritive value colonized as food culture in this area widely.

    And a civic life became rich, and Narita prospered as the pleasure resort that could go from the Edo era to be said to be 成田詣 when it was Genroku Era.
    As popularity of the Freshwater eel increased in the Edo era, it was said with a noted product, and a customer was entertained, and, in the Japanese inns of the temple town, Freshwater eel dishes of the summertime were pleased with.
    成田詣 at the time is a trip of foot. I will have Freshwater eel dishes are eaten, and the fatigue of the long route get well! The thought of ancient people of Narita called this is felt.
    By this trace, there are still many shops providing Freshwater eel dishes in the Narita city around the Naritasan outskirts.

  • Narita Eel Festival

    In Narita, it lasts for about one and a half months when it was put together in the day of the Ox of the summer Doyo, and Narita Eel Festival is held. When a meal and shopping were done in a shop participating in Freshwater eel Festival, stamp one seals it per 1,000 yen. When these are collected three, you can apply for the lottery where a luxurious prize is.

    In usual, about 100 stores participate. Dishes using the Freshwater eel can be tasted in many restaurants of these.
    Let alone the traditional taste of the Freshwater eel restaurant, competition for taste of the Freshwater eel of the tempura restaurant, the Freshwater eel of the sushi bar, the Freshwater eel of Narita that there are the original dishes in a hotel and the dining and cannot taste elsewhere can be enjoyed.

    After having tasted Freshwater eel, let's go with search for Souvenirs in Omotesando. Product sales shop and the hotel except the approach to a shrine and the market participate in a Narita Eel Festival stamp rally, too. By just casual shopping, please win the luxurious prizes such as a travel coupon or the accommodation coupon.

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

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Narita International Airport

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Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in the old days


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