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Greet people from the old days of Deva gate Edo

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a famous temple with a venerable history that a person of prayer about 10 million a year or more comes, but there is much highlight as well as Daihondo Hall in the wide precincts.

On May 31, 1980, five of the triple tower, Deva gate, ex-voto gallery were appointed including Komyodo Hall, Shakado that was the old main hall of a Buddhist temple of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple by the important cultural property of the country.
It is an extremely exceptional thing that five are appointed in a mass at one temple by an important cultural property, and know the early modern temple architecture; come to be valuable. Many people are greeted from one, Edo era of those, and the Deva gate which attracted deep faith is introduced.

The Deva gate of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple was rebuilt in the front of Daihondo Hall at eight gates of three ken of one under a certain stone stairway in 1831.

In the front of a roof of the gable-and-hip roof style copper sheet roofing, a big plover bargeboard is put.

In an image of 那羅延 (act) Kongo of Agata who opened the mouth to the right of the gate, 奉安 is doing an image of 密迹 (みっしゃく) Kongo of closed 吽形 with a mouth to the left.

In addition, the god of treasure granting happiness and prosperity to a god guarding the west and people letting the backside of the gate cause Great compassion is laid in state.

A big red lantern pulling a person border is raised in the center of the gate.
The gentlemen of the riverside fish market of Tokyo, Tsukiji dedicated the large lantern which "a fish did it" and was written と in 1968.
It seems to be paper-clad, but the bone part is made of gunmetal (kind of the bronze), and weight becomes 800 kg.

It is an old tradition that a riverside fish market dedicates a large lantern to the Deva gate, and "a riverside fish market" and a large lantern written are described in "the Shimousa Naritasan precincts figure" which Hiroshige drew for the second generation in 1859. It is watched that Naritasan attracted the faith of many people of Edo from such a thing earnestly.


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仁王尊 of vermilion

The Kongo Buddha and Amitabha made 奉安 in the front is alias said to be "仁王尊 of vermilion", and there is the following legend.

武将寺台城主海保甲斐守三吉 of the early period of Edo era hung a request in 仁王尊 in the occasion when it was visited from last years of the Middle Ages saying "vermilion clothes are wanted to be presented if the power that was stronger than an enemy was given me as it was unvanished wooden 仁王尊.".

A tall man opened both hands in the way home, the place called the doll mound of the temple stand village before a dark night and met you though I stood as if traffic of Miyoshi was disturbed. Miyoshi was angry at the tall man who blocked it even if "there was moved!", and it was untied and a tall man was grappled and hurled a tall man only at ムンズ by amazing power myself in a field of the side.

阿形那羅延 (act) Kongo image

吽形密迹 (みっしゃく) Kongo image

From pine then above the head "I am two Deva kings of this Narita. A loud voice なんじの mind was taken, and grant physical strength of enemy 1 time echoed.

Miyoshi is pleased with this and makes two Deva kings painted in red according to thanks for great desire accomplishment にと promise and names the field which threw in two Deva kings two Deva kings side, and it is said that oblation was done in Naritasan.

Afterwards, Miyoshi was famed by a male name as a rubber arm and seemed to become a vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

An explanatory note: There is possibility of the false report of the vermilion woodcut print that is the technique of the color in vermilion of "仁王尊 of vermilion".
(than history of new compilation Naritasan)

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Miraculous victim bill

There is the mysterious story concerning the Deva gate another one episode.

On the day of the celebration of the completion of the framework of the Deva gate erection, snacks were treated a carpenter and an engraver, a copper tile maker to by Naritasan, and everybody sat down in the seat of the celebration.
Dragon Goro of the carpenter amounted to footing on the roof using a long ladder to confirm whether there was not an error, but I missed the footing with the long ladder and, in the middle of a banquet, have fallen from the high place.

This is serious! When all members rushed in a hurry that a serious case was made, dragon Goro stood up calmly.

Afterwards, the bill which pushed the branding iron of the worn Naritasan was broken right in the two when dragon Goro changed the breast.

A bill became a victim and would protect the body of dragon Goro not to get out of control.
The bill of this miraculous victim is considered to be the beginning of victim lucky charm of the Naritasan.

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