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Special product of Narita

The food culture of the land reflects climate of the land.
Here, the food which has been brought up by climate of Narita is introduced.

 Blessing of the climate

The check fruit required is a large-scale farming product, farm belt next to Hokkaido

It is a rice field from the skyThere is Narita on the north total plateau that is approximately located in the center of Kanto plains formed by capital prefecture of the Tone River basin such as Saitama and Ibaraki. Is the bedroom town of commuting, people to go to school in Tokyo, the Chiba-shi area, but population begins to increase; is endowed with the Tone River and transportation by water of the Lake Imba much more for some time, and the rich farm products which fully received a blessing of the sun under the climate which is relatively warm a climate through the year continue being produced flourishingly. In fact, it may be understood that it is a large-scale farming product, farm belt next to Hokkaido while being in the metropolitan area.

The producer hears the request from consumers directly and works hard at the production of farm products to meet the needs, and the consumers can eat fresh ingredients of good quality for local relief. In this way, it is the biggest characteristic of the agriculture in Narita that a producer and consumers adhere very much. The both sides of a producer and consumers polish it, and better farm products are brought up.

It is Narita Nara that some residential area and commercial areas were just left, and can mention the idyllic rural district scenery that a rice field and a field spread out. He/she would like to go out by all means.

Then farm products of this Narita pride are introduced.

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Masterpiece of the farmhouse pride to work hard at the making of check rice required

The rice field of the limit to look around spreads out on the north total plateau blessed with the fertile soil, and rice growing is performed. The famous rice granary remembers Akita and Niigata, but, in fact, this area is a big rice-producing district nationwide so that Narita Airport is symbolized by air by the rural scenery of the limit to look around to spread from a window when it takes off and lands. The rice harvested in Narita in the right in the middle of the large rice-producing district spreading out across the Tone River is right a word of the good flavor. It is a masterpiece of the farmhouse pride to work hard at the making of delicious rice earnestly.

The rice harvested in Narita city is a kind such as "Koshihikari" and "Fusakogane", but an area and a group are gathered up and call the rice which is particular about a crop from the making of soil, and loads it with great deal of effort, and chooses you, and was able to blunder with brand-name rice. Other than a brand to introduce here, brand-name rice born in Narita may increase more and more. It may be pleasant to make a tour of the direct sale places to look for secret brand-name rice.

Inou Kabuki rice

Inou Kabuki rice

This rice which is cultivated in Narita City University Sakae district. For branding of the former Daieicho product rice, an Inou Kabuki U.S. workshop is established in 2003 and begins to sell it from 2004. As for the name called the Inou Kabuki rice, it was named "Inou Kabuki rice" as the name indicating the local pride in addition by revival of folk art "Inou Kabuki" which reached the Inou, Narita-shi district that was a straight production center from Genroku Era.

Only the high quality rice which is large, and carried out cultivation management thoroughly that the kinds are Koshihikari, 1.9mm or more is sweet rice with low protein selected carefully.
For more details, it is great Sakae direct marketing center TEL: 0476-73-2933

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Check Narita required is a production center of the Peanuts.

In around airport, the Sanrizuka area, a field mainly on the Peanuts spreads out.
In the Peanuts field, "the bocci" which piled up Peanuts forms a line when it becomes around the end of summer and dries Peanuts well here.

PeanutsAfterwards, it is shipped to each places of the whole country as an unshelled peanut made specially in Chiba. And new beans of this year hit the shelves from around October.

Peanuts of Narita who fully took the sun and wind and rain in the fertile field of the north total plateau. The kind called representative "千葉半立" (ちばはんだち) has good fragrance, and rich one feels relieved with a characteristic in taste and is eatable deliciously.

らっかせい bocciThere is the stained thing which turned black in a husk of the Peanuts. As this had rainwater dripping in a husk when it was naturally dried in "bocci" slowly, the color of the husk changed color.
I may be worried about the black stain which a husk had when I have a look, but quality does not have influence.

Peanuts is apt to think with Yachimata of Chiba, but Narita is a convincing production center of the Peanuts, too.

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 Sweet potato

Check ほっくり sweet ... い Narita vaunted farm products required

Sweet potatoIn the JA Narita city, the trial manufacture examination of the sweet potato of the new kind called "a quick suite" was started in 2002, and it has begun to be produced in earnest from 2005. Cultivation is a difficult kind, but, by cooperation and the effort of the producer, the areas gradually increase, and it is in the production center of "the QUICK suite" where it may be said that Narita is the one and only in the whole country.

The biggest characteristic of "the quick suite" is what can be cooked in a shorter time than a conventional kind to include unprecedented totally a new type of starch. Even if "the quick suite" cooks it with a microwave oven, it is not soggy and is finished indulgently. Furthermore, I can have deliciously as a soft texture is kept without changing color even if it becomes cold even if time stands after the cooking.
For more details, it is Narita city agricultural cooperative farming section TEL: 0476-36-1541

In addition, in the large Sakae district, the sweet potatoes of the kind called "great Sakae beloved daughter" are produced other than ベニアズマ. I further add to sweetness, and "the season of the taste" is reached by storing it after the crop for a certain period of time. It is a popular kind because fleshy substance is soft and is very sweet. It is the delicious sweet potato which is most suitable for a baked potato.

For more details, it is great Sakae direct marketing center TEL: 0476-73-2933

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 Lotus root

Play the rice cake which a check required pays; and a delicious lotus root with the tenacity

Ancient lotus root

Shimousa district is a production center of the lotus root.

Ibaraki is famous, but, speaking of the production center of the lotus root, the Shimousa district of the here Narita city assumes a lotus root one of the special products, too.

It is along the Tone River of the Shimousa district, and a house thing of the bare ground is shipped to the cultivated lotus root through the year. The skin is white, and the joint is big and is long and I am brisk and it is boiled lightly and can eat it as salad as resistance to the teeth is good. In addition, stewed dishes and saute are the lotus roots which have, and have, and do it, and there is tenacity, and are delicious at all even if it is got.

For more details, it is representative of Shimousa lotus root association Teruaki Arisaka TEL: 0476-96-0560

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 Cream watermelon

The sugar content that a check required is moderate and frank texture

Cream watermelonThe contents think a red watermelon that there is more remembering it, but a watermelon produces the watermelon "cream watermelons" that the contents are yellow other than a red watermelon in here Narita.

In the Narita city, a watermelon of red, the yellow is cultivated, but this cream watermelon accounts for 90% of the whole. About 70,000 cases a year (about 900 tons) of cream Suica is produced.

It is cultivated mainly in Kuzumi district and the Toyama districts of Omuro or Toyomi, and the production is proud of the top-class, too. The kind called "the Golden Asahi capital" is used for the kind partly around "こがね". I am cut, and it is often sold, and a moderate sugar content and frank texture are popular. The house thing is shipped from the middle of June to the bare ground thing a lot in July until the beginning of June after Golden Week.

As for the watermelon, 90% are water. It may be also known as sports drinks of the Nature to include a lot of minerals such as magnesium or phosphorus.

Tomisato-shi adjacent to Narita city is an excellent production center of the watermelon, too. The Events called the watermelon road race is held every year. The hydration is a watermelon not water. It is the eccentric road race meet that Suica cut at the water supply point is displayed at.

How to choose delicious watermelons? If this is said, the thing that I hear a sound being allowed to swat it hears it well, but a thing put away generally seems to be good. "The thing that the part of the stem is thin" is the point that the thing that "the navel in the part of the bottom of the watermelon is small" chooses a delicious watermelon as again regardless of red, yellow.

The watermelon which is indispensable in summer. Please appreciate this cream watermelon by all means.

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Relief, the safe delicious pork which minded check breeding environment required

Diamond porkChiba is stock raising prefectures one of the best in the whole country. In the northern part including the Narita city, the large hog raising production center that took root in the dry field farming zone of the Kanto loam layer is formed.

Each hog raising farmer minds breeding environment and brings you up at ease in the clean environment that kept room to breeding head count. I am particular about feed and am delicious pork of relief, the security that made sure of prevention of epidemics measures and hygiene management.



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