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Narita City Sakuranoyama

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The point that an airplane flying over a head looks like of popularity

Narita City Sakuranoyama can sense the taking off and landing of the airplane bodily close in the park on the small hill of 4,000 meters of runway north sides of the Narita International Airport.

I come to be known as the popular tourist attraction where about 500 cherry blossoms and airplanes can be enjoyed together widely and am full of a large number of families and airplane fans very much on the weekend.
It is often used by TV shooting, and it is chosen as one of Chiba view 100 views.

♪Sakura No Yama Park is introduced in detail♪

sakuranoyama2.jpg  sakuranoyama3.jpg


Small memo

As an airplane takes off towards Sakura No Yama Park located in the north side of the Narita International Airport A runway by the weather of the north wind, a shot of the force can be put from a fence facing prefectural road Route 44.
If the position cannot be pinpointed when it is put in the car navigation system, Marroad International Hotel Narita (External link) in the neighborhood should be used as an indication.

Rice, an airport of local fresh vegetables and Chiba and Souvenirs related to Narita are sold to "the station cherry tree building (External link) in the park of the sky"! It is very popular with customers. There is the convenience store in the other side of the way across the prefectural road, too.


1338-1, Komaino, Narita-shi

A map is this

Traffic access

Parking and neighboring roads will be crowded very much from late March through mid-May.
Of guidance of the congestion period and the cooperation ask (PDF: 356KB)


A bus timetable to JR Narita Station ⇔ Narita City Sakuranoyama was gathered up.
Please click the following.

JR Narita Station ⇔ Narita City Sakuranoyama bus timetable (PDF: 267KB)

From JR Narita Station Omotesando Exit (the east exit) second platform (I arrive in the Sakura No Yama Park in about 15 minutes in the time required)

The "Sakura No Yama Park" for the JR bus air museum getting off
A rate: 360 yen for adults, 180 yen for children
Weekdays 10:00, 11:40, 12:00
Saturday and Sunday holiday 9:00, 11:45

JR bus "guidance of the general route bus" (External link)

Than Narita City Office Narita city community bus Tomiura, Tsu (the back of the grain) route

Getting off at "Sakura No Yama Park" bus stop foot is immediate
A rate: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children


Narita City Office sightseeing promotion section TEL 0476-20-1540 (External link)

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