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The color beauty of triple tower Edo

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a famous temple with a venerable history that a person of prayer about 10 million a year or more comes, but there is much highlight as well as Daihondo Hall in the wide precincts.

On May 31, 1980, five of the triple tower, Deva gate, ex-voto gallery were appointed including Komyodo Hall, Shakado that was the old main hall of a Buddhist temple of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple by the important cultural property of the country.
It is an extremely exceptional thing that five are appointed in a mass at one temple by an important cultural property, and know the early modern temple architecture; come to be valuable. A triple tower conveying one of those, a gorgeous figure at the time of the foundation in now is introduced.

I felt, and 発願 did oracle dream, and, in the triple tower built on the selfish right side for Daihondo Hall, 照範上人 said to be a father of the middle interest was erected after the construction that took it in 1712 for four years.
Afterwards, restoration is carried out and is a precious building leaving a figure at the time of the foundation until today.

What should be mentioned specially is the color beauty.
The richly colored panorama which holds its breath spreads.
According to the record, gold leaf of every direction is used for 19,000 pieces only in 初重 equal to the first floor for 3 sun of five minutes (about 10.6 centimeters).

The color to become the basic tone is cinnabar red. 丹朱 where mercurial vermilion and lead which mercury was mixed with were mixed with is used as a color, and the delicate difference in color can be seen by a place.
In this cinnabar red, the role of the preservative and the meaning of the charm are put.

To great exhibiting a Buddhist image of 2008, restoration of the coloring of the lacquering was put, and the gorgeous figure in those days revived in the present age.

I was made, and the rafter of each range of wandering crests who gave a sculpture was unusually at all famous for a board from ancient times.

To geographical book "Masako Sakura in the ancient and modern times" of the Edo era "is a triple tower to the right of the main hall of a Buddhist temple. It is built in the days of Masanori.
It is sculpture coloring of the water to a brown tile, a board, a cloud of the garret wandering.
Carving Karaki of the Yamato (Japan) 24 thought counterfeits it.
A Buddha book dais for a Buddhist image of five intellect.
Line て is seen, and I die, and the same thing or the state are written down in copying, Osaka of the tower of Osaka Tennoji.

A gold dragon seemed to fly towards a blue sky by richly colored wandering if I looked up at the sculpture of the golden dragon to surround around beautifully on a day of the fine weather.

The height is about 25m including a tip (the metal decoration which is attached on the tower).
Five intellect Buddha is packed in 初重内陣; Dainichi Buddha, flatter it しゅく Buddha said to include five wisdom 奉安 does Hosho Buddha, Amitabha, non-sky accomplishment Buddha, and is said to be five intellect three folds towers.
The sculpture of "Sixteen Disciples of Buddha" who stay in the world, and defend and maintain French jurisprudence is surrounded the neighborhood with.

Please see Buddhist monastery group of the Japanese cultural heritage including the Daihondo Hall from temple buildings of Edo period compound sentence-designated in Naritasan in an occasion of the prayer by all means.