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Hill (とよみしののめのおか) of Toyomi Shinonome

It is the text from here.

Let's enjoy the airplane of the B runway at point-blank range

In the hill of Toyomi Shinonome, I can look at the taking off and landing airplane from the just beside.
It is the recommended place that it is possible for by airplane coming and going leisurely at B runway to see across Route 51 in one of eyes.

A photograph and a company name are ridden clearly, and the body of the airline running in Narita International Airport is displayed.
There is a square hole for the photography in the installed fence like what there is on the visit deck in the airport.

The charm of the hill of Shinonome is size of the airplane!
An airplane toward the spot was able to be right just photographed after the landing with the airplane which was going to land at the same time.

As for the airplane which landed turning a direction around, and passing the very front!
The face of the airplane which I cannot usually look at can be seen slowly and carefully.

Small memo

The Katori area is gone straight to from the Narita city at Route 51, and please make Toyomi park golf course (External link) in the left side a mark. A hill of this Toyomi Shinonome is on the left side of the line that cost Toyomi Tunnel in front.

The right curves, and a road has the Parking entrance of the hill of Shinonome soon on the right side when I turn left at the signal in the immediate place passing through a park golf course. Please make that there is a vending machine at the entrance a mark.

If the park golf course is passed, speed is lowered as it is instant and is a soundproofing bank, and I may arrive without overlooking it when I go slowly while checking the left side.

The B runway seems to be often used at the time of a landing mainly. At the time of north wind, an airplane landing at the B runway at the time of south wind by airplane which turned to the front that lands from the Shibayama area, and leaves for the terminal can be photographed in front.


71, Shihongi, Toyomi, Narita-shi

A map is this

Traffic access

From Keisei Narita Station Central Exit

Getting off at "Shihongi" for the storage of Chiba Kotsu bus Yoshioka, Sahara powder name fair words bus stop foot is immediate
A rate: 410 yen for adults, 210 yen for children

Chiba Kotsu (HTML version) (External link) (access from Narita Airport)