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Power spots & benefit spot of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

In the Naritasan precincts, there are many temple buildings Buddhist monasteries including Deva gate which is a country-designated important cultural property, light temple, Shakado. When there are a good luck good luck charm, success in life, business prosperity, various benefit including the romance accomplishment, for each Mido, a reason, the faith of the person of prayer are gathered. In addition, a very large park of (165,000 square meters) is maintained for about 3.5 Tokyo Dome and can spend time when a heart feels at ease.

Outer gate

Central station of the Naritasan meeting a person of much prayer

It is erected in 2008 by a commemorative project of open basis 1070. It is made with a total zelkova of 15m in height and shows the solemn appearance. It is a central station of the Naritasan meeting a person of much prayer, and, in the door front open space in front of the outer gate, it is in the oasis of the prayer visitor.

Deva gate

It is 奉安 with the Kongo image that protected the gate of the Naritasan for a long time

To the right of the gate to 那羅延 (act) Kongo image, the left 密迹 (みっしゃく) Kongo image Thailand cheap; was done, and protected the gate of the Naritasan for a long time. In addition, in the backside of the gate a god guarding the west, Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra of the god of treasure Thailand cheap; is done. The gentlemen of the riverside fish market of Tokyo, Tsukiji dedicated the central large lantern which "a fish did it", and の letter was written.

Daihondo Hall

The central dojo studio which can have the benefit of the Fudo state

The center dojo studio which performs the goma prayer that is continued since a founding regularly on 1st. By the goma prayer, the special firewood called the goma tree is put in flame of the goma, and I pray for the accomplishment every wish. The benefit of the Fudo state will be had by allotting an important thing for fire of the goma with it is "fire incantation" (おひかじ).

Triple tower

Richly colored tower leaving a figure at the time of the foundation

The country-designated important cultural property which was erected in 1712 (Shotoku 2). It is a precious building leaving a figure at the time of the foundation until today. The beauty of the coloring of the lacquer ware maker whom restoration was given in 2008 is the best part. Must-see with the rare thing which a rafter of each range of luck water rings who gave a sculpture is a board, and was made.

Success in life Inari

Business prosperity, benefit of the good luck accomplishment

Inari that nestles quietly in the place where I advance to the front left of the Daihondo Hall, and the stairs were gone up. As for the principal idol, it was cost a pittance by Sakura feudal lord, Masamichi Inaba of the Edo era. It is said that there are business prosperity, the good luck accomplishment, benefit of the fire prevention and is got close to people for a long time.


The former main hall of a Buddhist temple in a prayer place of the good luck good luck charm purification

It was the former main hall of a Buddhist temple erected in 1858 and was moved to the current place in 1964. In a temple made with the total zelkova which the characteristic that is in the latter half of the Edo era is seen in, it is now in a prayer place of the good luck good luck charm purification. Gohyaku Rakan and the sculpture of the twenty-four paragons of filial piety made relief to a board are the highlight.

The light temple

It is 奉安 in Ragaraja bringing a good match

The old main hall of a Buddhist temple which was erected in 1701 (Genroku 14). Dainichi Buddha goes in the front in the temple, and it is done 奉安, and Ragaraja can visit anyone on Acala, the right side on the left side. Above all, the Ragaraja is told that matchmaking includes benefit, and people visiting the prayer of the romance accomplishment are a lot.

Waterfall of the donation

Time when it is healed a heart by clean sound of water

About 20 meters in height in the place that went down a certain stair soon beside Kiyotaki Gongendo of the light temple, a waterfall of about 2.7 meters in width. "Waterfall God of Fire" is laid in state on the right of the waterfall. Mind can realize what is healed if I listen carefully to sound of water falling into the basin of a waterfall among a deep green grove, mossed rocks.