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Souvenirs of Narita

The food culture of the land reflects climate of the land.
Here, the food which has been brought up by climate of Narita is introduced.


The Japanese confectionery which is famous as souvenirs of check Narita required

Speaking of the Japanese confectionery which is famous as souvenirs of Narita, it is yokan. As for the refined sweetness and the yokan of the fluent taste, the appearance is good to hospitality beautifully, too.

Great writer Soseki Natsume of Meiji, the Taisho era expresses beauty of the yokan as "(by all odds it is one artwork) which is like a ball and the mongrel of the pyrophyllite" in a product of "the sleeping in the open air", too.

In Narita, a shop dealing with a Japanese confectionery including this yokan links many.

As for the Kuriyokan popular in yokan, Narita is the birthplace

It is said that it is the origin of "the Kuriyokan" that mother summer of Mr. Morooka long storehouse of the rice dealer founder gets a hint from Buddhist cuisine "栗羹" of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and an adzuki bean and sugar, the turf chestnut of the Shimousa plateau are put and make it, and began sale.


A rice dealer develops canned sweet jellied bean paste

Yokan museum

In 1938, the rice dealer succeeded in putting yokan in the canned food and entered the comfort bag for soldiers of the soldier of the battle front as a carrying meal and sent it. As the pole yokan had a short storable duration in the production technology at the time, and preservation characteristics were sought to send it by surface mail, yokan of the canned food was developed.

Time of five years was spent in 1962, and canned sweet jellied bean paste was sold. It was still rewind-type canned food such as the corned beef, but was very more expensive than pole yokan in those days. Therefore a new face actress at the time is appointed as a campaign character in 1964, and a sale is carried out in summer when a transistor radio said to be an unattainable object was done to a prize. Canned sweet jellied bean paste came to be recognized widely openly.

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"Gun pickles" are very popular among check Souvenirs required.

Gun pickles

Many people buy Pickles home as Souvenirs of Narita.

Above all, "it is soaked in a gun" which it is filled with foods rolled with Japanese basil blue chili pepper in a gourd dug out, and was pickled is popular. An artillery pipe, the contents were seen to a bullet, and a gourd was made, and this name was turned on.

The gun pickles were provided in Japanese inns and the restaurant in the city since before yokan was sold in Narita, but it is not the old day so that I came to attract attention as Souvenirs. What was done for Souvenirs buying this to go begins and is since the visit to Narita became popular after it was thought whether there is not the thing which can jump into fame as a feature of Narita other than yokan as the reputation that is soaked in a gun provided by a hotel guest of the Japanese inns was very good.

As for the hot gun pickles, invention is concentrated in the combinations of taste and contents for each Pickles shop of Narita that is a number and is up to preference which taste is chosen. It may be said that it is one of the ways of enjoying 通 that I compare by eating, and walk about.

Even if delicious how to eat Pickles is called anything, I eat on freshly cooked hot rice! This will be the best. Or one of Eat is recommended as snacks of the Sake, too. When it is the age, Pickles is hard, and a person to be hard to eat may come. It is relatively eatable without a burden if I carve finely at such time.

It is Narazuke that is most suitable for adding of the Freshwater eel. The sweet Narazuke which is fragrant, and drifts pickled to sake lees is effective in letting a solid meal of the taste refresh in a mouth like Freshwater eel.

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 Bo case

The check menu that Narita hid to the people in the know required

Nyuzen, Bo

In the Naritasan, the believers who attended large goma have a reception of Bo (ぼういり) containing.

The Bo case is sacred sake and a reception with the Buddhist cuisine in a classic religion ceremony of the Naritasan. Buddhist cuisine is the meal which cooked a votive offering, vegetables taken away from the before Buddha of the Fudo state in Naritasan as materials.

The thing which can be eaten only in Naritasan in that is the boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable of "the Oura burdock". "Oura burdock" is about 1m in length, about 30cm in diameter, an extra-large burdock of 4-5 kg in weight cultivated in Oura district of Sosa-shi, Chiba. It is in very easy-to-eat taste with the softness and moderate sweetness as the burdock is not thought to be because it was repeated that lye is gone without for stew and 寝 かしを-maru two days for seasonings.

If money is taken out, not the thing which anyone can eat, it is the menu which Narita hid in to the people in the know which only people that Osamu Iwao did goma can taste.

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 Rice crackers

Of the check fried vertical Rice crackers required compare by eating!

Rice crackers

When Omotesando toward the Naritasan is walked, there is a fragrant fragrance to wind other than Freshwater eel and a Japanese confectionery. Okay, it is Rice crackers hot from the oven. Of the Rice crackers hot from the oven which overflows for various invention when come to Narita eat, and can compete.

Doneness and sauce and how to eat vary, too. There is the Rice crackers which stuck in a bamboo skewer, and there is the Rice crackers which fully entered the bag. You are chosen to preference, and how about?
As well as Omotesando, there is a Rice crackers shop competing for the discerning skill in the city in many places. The Rice crackers shop is visited, and would you like to go for a drive?

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 River fish

The check feelings boiled in soy sauce which was stewed with sauce slowly and carefully required

As for Narita faced with the north Lake Imba, "ザコ" (small fish) (the small fish such as クチボソ (Pseudorasbora parva ムツゴ) or the goby roach join) and a carp, the fishing of the freshwater fish such as the crucian carp to get at a marsh from the old days are prosperous at all, and the processing business to produce foods boiled down in soy which stewed such a fish with discerning sauce slowly and carefully is performed flourishingly. The fish catches of the Lake Imba product decreased under the influence of the quality of the water at one time, but the quality of the water is improved by the steady effort of the local person concerned, and the fish catches are gradually restored, too.

River fishRiver fish

The foods boiled down in soy are distinguished for the nutritive value, and the vitamins group which are apt to be short to modern people let alone calcium is included in richness. Speaking of foods boiled down in soy which are representative as Narita souvenir ザコ, fresh-water smelt, a locust.

"The ザコ foods boiled down in soy" are different in sauce or a stewed person for each shop and are in particular the product which the feelings of the shop appear most conspicuously as it is in the shop's original taste. It is good to look at Narita on foot while looking for the taste that was good for oneself.

The locust is an obvious insect, but should not talk about taste only by an appearance. The unique resistance to the teeth that a flavor of the broth which ほの is generous in soaked into can be tasted. The texture such as prawns is unexpectedly recommended to snacks of the Sake so that it is called "おかえび".

The candied carp and crucian carp is finished softly so that it is eaten to a bone. That is natural, too. Because it is cooked without regretting trouble in the River fish shop in the city while following inherited technique from generation to generation in the company factory. It is useful the female which fully had an egg in particular and is pleased for gift-giving use very much.

Live ザコ and loaches form a line at the storefront of the River fish shop, too. A live fish is taken home, and how about cooking homemade foods boiled down in soy?

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 Dairy products

Check Narita required has history of the dairy farming, too.


As for the history of the dairy farming in Narita, there is a close relation so that the Shimousa Imperial Stock Farm is replaced with history of the dairy farming of Japan as the origin. With the plottage of about 90,000 tsubos, "the Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm)" doing "Akiba ranch" operated as a milking primary occupation ranch from 1887 with a forerunner brings up a cow in that while the dude ranch is run and milks a cow, and a producer and consumers to manufacture it continue with the making of dairy products which are connected for the food education of local children to interchange directly.

It is ウシマロ that is the above all most popular. ウシマロ is a marshmallow made with fresh milk, and gangs are different from the general thing and can enjoy the heavy taste that hardened milk with being raw. This is the authentic dairy product which was particular about taste of the true milk. Even the Internet mail order grows up into a quite popular product.