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Hotel-based restaurants

The food culture of the land reflects climate of the land.
Here, the food which has been brought up by climate of Narita is introduced.

 Hotel-based restaurants

You are met by service and the hospitality that a check required is the best

Narita Airport area and the neighborhood of Narita Station are lined with a large number of hotels. A customer is had by service and the hospitality that each hotel is the best.

When this hotel is regarded as "the place where I merely just stay" at, a merit living around Narita will be abandoned. How about spending a time of the pleasant meal with the bloom of the hotel apart from everyday life and miscellaneous trifles?

There is a luxury hotel at her elbow, and does what can thoroughly enjoy the good-quality service of the hotel casually not appear in Narita Nara?

Buffet of the hotel

Hotel buffet

By the safe ingredients and service that can be offered simply because it is a hotel at each hotel, a buffet of a lunch and dinner or the dessert is provided approximately almost every day. It is a buffet that is particularly popular among families. As there is the available hotel on weekdays, there is a way of enjoying to have a heated good old recollections while eating with the friend who gathered after a long absence.

It is BBQ at a hotel

Hotel BBQ

In summer, there are different ways of enjoying again. Even if that says anything; BBQ! It is the best luxury that material selected carefully at the table which formed a line on the lawn which cuts it, and was prepared is baked in a grill, and have on the spot.

I am apt to be convinced that the meal of the hotel is expensive, but that is up to a way of thinking. The subject matter that can feel relieved is equal and has provide high-level service to be possible simply because it is a hotel and can enjoy that for around 4,000 yen. It may not be high at all.

Barbecue page to enjoy at a hotel of Narita

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Narita shikisaisai
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The 23rd Colored Leaves Festival

From Saturday, November 12 to 27th Sunday


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

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