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Success in life Inari

Success in life Inari

In Naritasan, there is much highlight in the large precincts as well as Daihondo Hall.
Deva gate, triple tower, Shakado were introduced until now.

Success in life good luck Inari shrine (popular name success in life Inari) that a little-known spot of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple prayer can be also known as this time is introduced.

 The ancient prayer way which spreads out to success in life Inari

Success in life Inari shrine is located on the small hill in front of Shakado.
When I go ahead through the Daihondo Hall to the left through an outer gate in the front, and the stairs having a long front are climbed, success in life Inari is on the left.

Through an old way, 詣 る little-known spot-like route is to success in life Inari, and, separately from the route, this is recommended, too.

I go ahead through Omotesando to the Naritasan area, and I pass through Kamimachi.
There is Yakushido Hall on the left, and a way is divided into two ways.
Let's go ahead through this to the Saiwaicho area to the left.

Sakuma confectionary and a narrow way in between Narugeya Ryokan are the quiet prayer ways where old から leads to. As this way leaves the road, it is quiet, and relaxed time drifts.

A green grove spreads when I advance for a while, and there is a mysterious atmosphere.


There is a site of the Naritasan.
Institute of Naritasan three is seen.

With Institute of Naritasan three, the Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group and "the House of doctor" bringing up a teacher of the Naritasan are the facilities "Houses of Osamu intellect" which the foreign student whom Naritasan invited learns "発心院" raising 法資 (disciple of Buddha) to take the future of the Naritasan on.

A place of learning of monk practicing asceticisms of the Naritasan. A sanctuary may be also known as it.
The academy cannot be entered, but the appearance can be looked at.



When Institute of Naritasan three is passed, a small pavilion with water and ladles of success in life Inari is seen in the right.
Behind the small pavilion with water and ladles, pretty Chizo stands in a row and greets a prayer visitor.
There is the guidepost of Narita Highway and can learn what believer visited through this way from the old days.

Let's cleanse a hand in the facilities.

ほっこり. Chizo of relief.

I come back to the top of the page

Success in life Inari shrine is visited

Well, then let's make prayer in success in life Inari.
Grandmothers sell a fried bean curd and a doll of candle and fox at a certain stand beside a torii.
When a fried bean curd and the candle of the favorite of the fox state are given, benefit is provided. After this was said, and the candle had lamplight,
It is bought to go, and lamplight is made at home, and I can have benefit.

The doll of the fox state is drawn by handwriting one by one, too.
It is pretty, and it is interesting to compare a warm face.
Chaki Chaki Chaki. By the sound that feeling is good for, firestone is sounded to a fried bean curd and a doll.


Oblation is a done sacred image by Sakura feudal lord, 稲葉丹後守 where it is ardent, and the man himself of success in life Inari believed in Naritasan in the Edo era. It is called "success in life good luck Inari shrine", and benefit of business prosperity, the good luck accomplishment, the fire prevention is informed it when there is it.

It is worked as Osamu Iwao, and dedication and the amazake reception of the noh dance are performed on the special stage, and, at the festival of February, a great Buddhist ceremony is full of many pious people every year.
※In 2021, "success in life good luck Inari festival immutable law party" is held on Monday, February 15.
(in 2021, the dedication of the noh dance is called off for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.)

A purple drop curtain and a red-and-white flag, a big lantern getting a lot of looks conspicuously are dedicated when I pass through the torii.

I pray for business prosperity, success in life good luck, and believer doing business seems to be dedicated, and many believers visits the prayer, and the red and white flag of about 600 pieces seems to be dedicated to plus 59 that is a prayer month of the Naritasan even on New Year's Day for New Year holidays.

A certain fox was dedicated beside a torii, too.

Bright purple and a red-and-white flag bring on a mysterious atmosphere.

A current temple is a temple made with a total zelkova rebuilt in 1888.

The sculpture that I am based on cinnabar red, and a color colored by gold, blue, green full color is beautiful, and a dragon and the lion are gorgeous
It is given.

To a sculpture given in the front of a temple a celestial maiden. Buddha as the prime noumenon of success in life Inari. It is 荼枳尼天 (it turns to hold it).

In the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism thought, 荼枳尼天 (turn to hold it) in the Buddhism is a Buddhist temple as Buddha as the prime noumenon; 祀 らており,
Success in life Inari shrine of the Naritasan is one, too.

茶枳尼天 was "ダーキニー" called the person who walked the sky in Sanskrit and originally was God of the ancient Indian agriculture.
It was terrible God drinking people, but, in the Indian myth, has a deep respect for spiritual power of the Dainichi Buddha in Buddhism world,
It is said that I became a god of justice bringing a good harvest on a white fox.

The temple of the bright color.

Deep frying and a doll go up.

Let's enjoy a gorgeous sculpture.

A white fox was designed to a votive tablet. A wish is written, and let's dedicate it.
The Scenery of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which success in life Inari overlooks is keenly aware of comfortable wind fantastically,
It will be to be able to feel very bright.

The right hand can overlook the Naritasan precincts, and Okuyama open space is on the left.


Let alone a votive tablet! A white fox!


The hill which can overlook Naritasan.


January. Okuyama open space full of prayer visitors.

In the Okuyama open space, Souvenirs Monoya and a restaurant link the eaves.

The conversation with the various places of the shop of the land is one of the pleasure of the trip, too.

Fortune-telling places form a line on the Daihondo Hall side of the open space.

It is thought that the warm contact with people and the person and leisurely time can be enjoyed.


Dharma or a beckoning cat. Souvenirs in connection with 招福 in a row.


A restaurant and souvenir shop links the eaves. Do you listen to a Narita dialect?


Tell; a place. The turnout is shown in many people on a holiday.

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