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Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm)

The Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm) which continues with the making of contact with the animal and delicious dairy products thoroughly.
It is a child from an adult. Families and friends.
It is dude ranch of a lot of pleasure that a coming customer can spend in Nature at ease.

Let's experience the contact with the animal

The plottage is very wide with the area (about 7 times of Tokyo Dome) of about 90,000 tsubo = about 300,000 square meters, in carefree environment, is a cow, a goat and a sheep, a thoroughbred pony. To a duck a rabbit or a marmot. Many animals are raised.

A milking experience of the cow of round eyes sending the milk which is indispensable to the daily eating habits to everybody.
I get on the pony of gentle eyes, and the marmot is patted, and, fortunately, is it the skywalk of the goat? You can be met in this and.
The movement of animals is very pretty, and there is the interesting discovery again.
Hair of soft モフモフ! The beating of the advantageous life to feel that it is advantageous. The animal is touched directly, and please feel the warmth.
For the children, it will become the very good experience, memory.

Dude ranch to be able to enjoy throughout the year

The Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm) holds various unique Events which there was in a season through one year.
The flower garden blooming on spring canola flower and cherry blossoms, the very large site including the summer sunflower is recommended.

One which features that a crop experience can be enjoyed.
By a season, a crop produced by a year is replaced, but there is a crop experience by a hand of all of you you.
A child loves mud play.

The fresh vegetables harvested in spite of being pleasure in families can have seasonal taste at a take-out table.
A fragrance of the feel of the crops and the leaf, the touch of the ふかふかした soil and the rich earth.
Touch the live soil which the crops supporting our food grow on, the thing that harvest by hand of oneself of the child is given culture of sentiment, and let's be to remember it as a wonderful memory.

A lot of Souvenirs of the dream ranch-limited

And the sweets which are delicious speaking of Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm)! The particularly popular ice cream can enjoy flavor of the seasonal taste that I made use of the subject matter of the Nature in using the fresh milk of the ranch.

In the Souvenirs shop, yogurt and the milk which were particular about the manufacturing method thoroughly are sold.
I am proud of the fresh taste only in the ranch. Please compare by eating with a commercial thing.
A lot of goods of mascot character "ゆめこちゃん" of the dream ranch are unfolding, too♪

Few slow time goes by in the city.
A body is moved with all one's might, and refresh & animal and Nature are touched, and it is healed, and is it comfort しんみてはいかがでしょうか in Narita Yume Bokujo (Narita Dream Dairy Farm)?

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