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The scientific name of the hydrangea hydrangea (hydrangea) of the meaning called "a cruet." It is right good to the name of the flower which is full of water in a rainy season, and blooms. I make the flower that the purplish red is beautiful bloom from bluish violet in the rainy season from June through July.

As for the part which looked like a flower, a calyx greatly developed. A very small petal peeps a face when I look at the center of the calyx well. The color of a flower of the hydrangea turns a color by acidity of the land. Blue becomes strong in the soil with high acidity, and redness becomes strong if low.

As most quality of soil is acid, in Japan, a blue flower seems to often bloom. When I want to make a red flower bloom, it is given so as not to damage magnesia lime or calcium hydroxide, and the acidity seems to be regulated. In addition, there is the kind that a color of a flower varies from blue to red to progress and an attendant of the time.

The gradation of the color to change is very beautiful, and colorful flowers please our eyes.