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Hydrangea tea and hydrangea

Do all of you know hydrangea tea?

It is sultry and rubs it and dries the young leaf of the plant called the Sweet Hydrangea Leaf and calls a drink with the sweetness with hydrangea tea with the yellow brown that that is boiled, and was made. The plant called the Sweet Hydrangea Leaf which is raw materials of this hydrangea tea is considered to be a variety of the Hydrangea macrophylla.

In the case of a celebration of the anniversary of Buddha's birth (Flower Day) of April 8 that was a birthday of Buddha, I was used as a thing to pour over a Buddha statue (Buddha's image at birth) which expressed birth of Buddha for a long time.

In the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, a Sogo Reido Sanctuary Flower Day is held on April 8. A small shrine with floral decoration is enshrined before Sogo Reido Sanctuary Daihondo Hall, and a Buddhist memorial service of the Buddha birthday celebration for a high priest is had Osamu Iwao of. There are the receptions of the hydrangea tea after the Buddhist memorial service, too.