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The four seasons of Narita

In spring

A plum and a canola flower, many flowers including cherry blossoms meet the best time to see with calm weather in Narita. After photographing cherry blossoms and the shot of the airplane in the park which overlooked the runway of the airport, and rotating by a drive at the famous place of the flower, and having enjoyed cherry blossom viewing in each place, at a ranch for the making of contact with animals and delicious dairy products a challenge. For Golden Week wrapped in the fresh green, the Events which is pleasant in many facilities such as Recreational facilities and a park, a museum or an art museum around Narita is held.

In the summer

A hydrangea telling arrival of the early summer is a flower of the Narita city. I can look at the hydrangea which is full of color as a symbol flower of the Narita city everywhere in the city. In addition, there is a lot of what can be enjoyed in families in the summer vacation. As for the maze and the having a swim in a river of the sunflower field, the camping and the athletic in the forest, the barbecue at the hotel, various experiences including the skyrocket, irreplaceable for children; will think.

In autumn

Autumn Narita is colored leaves, Food and drink, autumn of the Events. A colorful cosmos is pretty, and it colors a ranch and a shore in October. The mountains and a park, the maple of the precincts begin to change color when it becomes when cool autumn wind blows, and the beautiful scene such as the color woodblock print spreads at all. Autumn is also a season of taste and the crop. The special products such as rice, Peanuts, the sweet potato reach season and can enjoy the taste hunting such as gathering chestnuts or the going mushroom gathering.


In winter

In the Christmas festival held in Narita International Airport, a live and Shopping can be enjoyed in a gorgeous atmosphere on Christmas. The opening of one year to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. It is the New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine spot that a thing worshiper visits more than 3 million people every year on the first three days of a new year of New Year holidays. If it is active and enjoys winter, how is the visiting Seven Deities of Good Luck told that I serve as walking, and seven happiness is given it? The rich Nature of the village forest is felt, and let's obtain distracted walking, health and happiness.