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About a young people's consecutive organization

When the participant of the guidance of the festival car classifies roughly, it becomes from an officer, young people, the general participant including children.
The officer is so-called master people in the town block, and Panama hat look is common to the yukata にたっつけ hakama of the matching pattern undyed, sandals cliff, a head.
In each town, there is the person in charge of the festival called the festival chairperson and commands the overall festival.

It is actually a young man organized in each town that moves a festival car.


Although, thus, it is different of the number in a vice-head, young man accounts, a liaison man, the town including the person in charge of child, led by a young people's head, the cause of the command of the young man head, each role are accomplished, and the smooth guidance of the festival car is performed.

The young people's head is a person in charge of the festival car pull and is the idol of young men and children.

In addition, as negotiations position of cross-purposes and the service of the festival car with other towns, there is the position called the van. In the van, authority is transferred by a young people's head and takes the important role that the town is represented, and negotiations work.

 The main position including the young people's head was limited to local people or the person before, but there seem to be many the towns to touch for the job if even the participant from the other place makes an effort now, and contribution is recognized.