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News from traffic regulation, the Narita Gion Festival executive committee

About traffic regulation

Please refer to traffic regulation (you link to Google map) for the traffic regulation area map in FEEL Narita July.

Or please click a map as follows. When it is clicked, you can see an extended image.
(PDF: 200KB)

I apologize for the inconvenience, but cooperation would be appreciated your.

Traffic regulation area Friday, July 5 Saturday, July 6 Sunday, July 7


JR Narita Station - Yakushido Hall ... pan shop corner

From 12:00 to 22:00 From 9:00 to 22:00 From 10:00 to 23:00

(the west approach to a shrine)

Yakushido Hall - Yamazaki ophthalmology

From 12:00 to 22:00

From 9:00 to 22:00

From 10:00 to 23:00

During a period of the Narita Gion Festival, part of route bus operating JR and the Keisei Narita Station outskirts carries out detour service.
In the case of the use, I would appreciate your being careful enough.


The highlight, bypath map of the Narita Gion Festival night

(PDF: 1,084KB)


To all of the viewing and a festival participant

During the Gion festival period, I have a large number of customers see it in usual, and considerable congestion is expected.

In the Narita Gion Festival executive committee, will make an effort for ensuring safety of the roadside, but have marked understanding from all of the viewing by the Gion festival, as for whom as want to realize holding of the Gion festival to be able to enjoy, have read the following matter to ask for, and would appreciate your cooperation.

Matter (to all of the viewing) to ask for

  1. As traffic may be limited for ensuring safety of the roadside at one time when a festival car, a stand passes, please follow the guidance in charge of the instruction.
  2. About photography
    You deal with troubles such as the place collecting of the shooting by good sense and the mutual concessions of the photograph lover comrade, and it would appreciate your being seen happily.
    In addition, it is accompanied, and the understanding, please as partly preferential shooting may be admitted subject to an action to include moderation for the shooting of the news and the record purpose.
  3. During the Gion festival period, the venue will be crowded very much.
    As a customer accompanying a small child comes to have many crowds particularly by night, a child, please be careful not to be lost enough.
  4. Please stop the smoking on the street except the appointed place.
    Please abandon the cigarette butt to an ashtray.
    A manner is followed, and I would like the cooperation of all of you to be able to enjoy the Gion festival comfortably.
  5. The Naritasan outskirts are sacred places for God of the Fire.
    You usually cooperate with neighboring beautification, but the garbage would appreciate your being taken home by all means.
  6. About the prohibition of the drone (small unmanned aircraft)
    As safety measures, the use such as flight things by the wireless operation such as small unmanned aircrafts (drone) is prohibited on holding Narita Gion Festival.
    Ensuring safety of all of the visits would be assumed having top priority.
    I would like your understanding and cooperation.
  7. A relief place is installed for cause three days of the cooperation of Narita Red Cross hospital.

     Narita Gion Festival executive committee

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