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Annual festival of Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) spring

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From April 29, 2020 to April 29, 2020

A holding place: Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine)

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, as for "the annual festival of Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) spring" of 2020, attendance, dedication event, all the feasts were called off. Understanding would be appreciated your.


Annual festival of Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) spring

In the Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine), spring annual festival is held every year on April 29 (day of the Showa).


April 29, 2019 (holiday, Wednesday) 

10:00 - annual festival


The Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) precincts

Official homepage

Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) TEL: 0476-96-0449

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Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine)

The Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) worshiped the Master Fujiwara smart (as for Fujiwara a shoulder) Lord who became the cornerstone of the interest in Kenmu to the north and south morning service charges in an old special government shrine, and the Emperor Meiji gave a firm's name of the Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) in 1879.
The Emperor Godaigo was served, and Master Fujiwara Sir Ken had it and played an active part, but a thing was torn later and, in May, 1331 (Genkou 2), it was done banishment to an island here and I was only 32 years old and died.
It is believed saying that there is benefit for road safety and aviation security, disease recovery and business recovery as "God of the victim" "God of the recovery" because I became a victim of the Emperor Godaigo.
There is "the court noble mound" which is the cemetery of our enshrined deity right behind the rear, the main hall of the fence surrounding a main shrine.

 komikado_6.jpg komikado_7.jpg

 When I pass through the torii, and the precincts are entered, there is filled with clean air, and an overflow, the approach to a shrine among shining green trees turning around continue. On the fine day, sunlight to shed over the treetop of the tree is very beautiful.

The precincts covered in the evergreen broad-leaved forest of the prefecture's greatest scale are appointed in Chiba Natural monuments as "a forest of the Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine)".
The artificial plantation where this forest was planted when a main shrine of the Komikado Jinja (Komikado Shrine) was made is the center, but 100 years years old are exceeded now and are the rare forest in the shift process to the Nature forests.
The largest 25 meters in height can see the Nature forest of the tab, cedar forests, the combined forest of the camphor tree other than a certain deer Rashi forest in Chiba.
In addition, there is the fields and mountains grass such as a lady's slipper, the Anemone nikoensis and can enjoy the precious Nature of the village forest.

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