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Narita Drum Festival

Japan surrounded by the drumbeat that Mt. Narita is heroic's leading drum festival

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From April 13, 2019 to April 14, 2019

A holding place: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto Domae, Mt. Narita Omoto Domae special stage, the Naritasan Omotesando Street outskirts

The Narita Drum Festival becoming the 31st at this time is held on the stage of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and the Naritasan Omotesando Street whole area for two days by about 50 groups which gathered from each places of the whole country, sum of ability group drum players of the total number about 1,500 (the total of participation number of people).

Narita Drum Festival highlight introduction

The Narita Drum Festival is a festival of the Japan gathering the thing audiences more than 200,000 average years's leading drum. The atmosphere of the spring time is shaken, and the roaring sound of the echoing drum and a performance full of the dynamism are developed by overwhelming force by physical depth.

Saturday, April 13, 14th Sunday 10:00 - Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto Domae

Request for 1,000 bloom drum

The gorgeous beginning of the Narita drum. About 800 performers gather to Mt. Narita Omoto Domae and ring a drum all at once.


Mt. Saturday, April 13 17:00 - Narita Omoto Domae special stage

Mt. Narita night of 1000 scene

When the sky is stained with dusk, to the stage of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto Domae, a bonfire is lighted and is wrapped in the atmosphere that is mysterious and profound. The special stage developed in the best location that I can look at only in Narita Drum Festival mobilizes the audience more than 3,000 every time.

The performance full of waxes wraps up the stage and the whole seat for heat and an impression in force and the dynamism that an ability group drum team charms.

≪The night of 1000 stage performance order≫
1, the sum drum calm youth team (Isumi-shi, Chiba)
2, Class prefectural Yachiyo High School hand drum (Yachiyo-shi, Chiba)
3, sum comfort composite art group "Junpei Yamada X 熱響打楽" (Aichi)

Sunday, April 14 15:00 - Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omotesando (in front of Omotesando entrance - Narita main gate of a Buddhist temple)

Drum parade

The perfectly delightful drum parade which gives glory to the finale of the drum festival. Both a performer and the audience swell together.

Saturday, April 13, 14th Sunday

Approach to a shrine stage

The performance of each drum group is developed on each special stage installed around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple along Naritasan Omotesando Street.

A schedule: Saturday, April 13 around 11:00 - 19:00, Sunday, April 14 around 11:00 - 17:00
A place: Nine places of special stages around the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple along Naritasan Omotesando Street

JR East Hanasaki-cho stage

Kamimachi stage

Kamimachi second stage


Yakushido Hall stage

Nakacho stage

NAA outer gate stage


ANA みらい stage

Okuyama open space


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  • About traffic regulation
    From 9:45 to 20:00 on Saturday, April 13 in front of JR Narita Station - Yakushido Hall - Narita main gate of a Buddhist temple (pan shop corner)
    From 9:45 to 17:30 on Sunday, April 14 in front of JR Narita Station - Yakushido Hall - Narita main gate of a Buddhist temple (pan shop corner)

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 visit every day which is not the simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in old days


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