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Plum Blossom Festival

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From February 15, 2020 to March 01, 2020

A holding place: Mt. Narita Park

Plum of Mt. Narita Park

In Mt. Narita Park who is an enchanting view to spread through the depths of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto temple, seasonal flower and scenery can be enjoyed. About 500 Japanese apricots with red blossoms and white plum blossoms more than mean 70 years years old are planted in Mt. Narita Park.
It blooms over the mid-February and mid-March in an average year, and the park becomes full of the fragrances of the plum.

Japanese allspice (Japanese allspice)

Japanese apricot with red blossoms

White plum blossoms

About a plum of Mt. Narita Park, a continuance is read>>>

Plum Blossom Festival

The Plum Blossom Festival is held for about two weeks of from Saturday, February 15 to Sunday, March 1.
Events is held on each Saturday and Sunday during a period.

Would plum blossoms telling coming of spring to Narita like to be thoroughly enjoyed slowly and carefully?
I look forward to a visit of many of you.

A Plum Blossom Festival guide is this>>>

When an image is clicked, about "Plum Blossom Festival of 2020," you can see the explanation of each event.

By the situation of the diversity, the outdoor tea ceremony of the Plum Blossom Festival is done with cancellation in 2020.

Contributor's haiku contest of the enjoying ume blossom  Outdoor tea ceremony of the Omotesenke enjoying ume blossomConcert of the enjoying ume blossom

Amazake present Sculpture exhibition of the ice A dyeing with vegetable dyes "gathering exhibition of the bloom"

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 visit every day which is not the simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in old days


Narita holds various Events throughout the year

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