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Plum Blossom Festival 2

Plum of the Naritasan park

In Naritasan Park which is an enchanting view to spread through the depths of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Daihondo Hall, seasonal flower and scenery can be enjoyed. About 360 Japanese apricots with red blossoms and white plum blossoms more than mean 70 years years old are planted in the Naritasan park.
It blooms over the mid-February and mid-March in usual, and the park becomes full of the fragrances of the plum.

Japanese allspice (Japanese allspice)

In a Naritasan park, it is "Japanese allspice" that tells coming of spring to the person tip of a foot.

I belong to the sweet-shrub Japanese allspice genus, and I make a yellow flower bloom. "winter sweet" is said in English, and the fragrance that is a sweet smell is had with a strong flower blooming brightly suddenly in a cold winter season although being small.

There are various opinions in the origin of the name, and there are the theories which were touched in the meaning called the flower blooming even in the name of the country among with the flower which came in (twelfth month in the lunar calendar [ろうげつ]) in December in a "Japanese allspice" であるということからつけれらたという theory, the old calendar by "Japanese allspice" and touched theory and China because it is like the waxwork and resembles a plum.

The type includes bare heart Japanese allspice (ソシンロウバイ), full moon Japanese allspice (マンゲツロウバイ), the sum Japanese allspice (ワロウバイ), but it is ソシンロウバイ that is cultivated well.
As for other Japanese allspice, it features ソシンロウバイ that the inside of the flower is yellow whereas the inside of the flower is red.

The flower language the "guidance" "foresight" "affection" "gentle mind."

Japanese allspice is planted in the Naritasan park and flowers earlier than a Japanese apricot with red blossoms and white plum blossoms in usual.

Would spring like to be found in the person tip of a foot?

Japanese apricot with red blossoms, white plum blossoms

As the plum of the Naritasan park has many aged trees, atmospheric flowers can be enjoyed without gaudiness with moisture in total. The plum around the right park entrance makes a flower in the park with many ups and downs bloom towards Daihondo Hall quickly above all.

As comparative cooling is severe in the park in around Bairin in Ikegami of the Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect, the flowering enters at the end of February in March in usual, and a thing becoming after is expected.

As for the flower language, a "noble-minded heart" "noble-minded" "purity" "clear heart" "is loyal".

The plum blossoms which are said to be another name "春告草" (swell). While you are exposed to cold wind, please go out to enjoy a pretty flower blooming vigorously. I look forward to your visiting.


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