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November Colored Leaves Festival

The grand duke garden of 165,000 square meters to spread through the depths of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Daihondo Hall, the Naritasan park are got close at all to in Naritasan as the oasis where a seasonal expression can be enjoyed by and a citizen of the prayer.
A maple, sawtooth oak, a Japanese oak, about 250 tree leaves such as the ginkgo turn red and yellow from mid-November through early December in usual, and the state projected on the surface of the water of the pond is elegant, and time is felt slowly and can enjoy scenery to change busily whenever a foot is pushed forward with it is paths of walk with the incline.

In 2018, various Events is held on Saturday, Sundays and holidays during the Colored Leaves Festival period of from November 10 to November 25.

Colored Leaves Festival details information 






 Colored Leaves Festival details information