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Scenery 2015-2016 excellence prize-winning work announcement of Narita

There is much beautiful scenery in our town Narita.
A festival and the living of Events, a famous temple with a venerable history and the cityscape of the door front conveying history, the new town which overflows that people come and go and are full and people to come to the rich Nature, native district showing the seasonal expression. The works which cut various "now of Narita" as seasonal scenery were raised.

Thank you very much for applying for "scenery 2015-2016 of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" from many of you for each winter section spring, summer, autumn in 2015.
As a result of having performed fair examination, your work which won a prize wonderfully is introduced.



Scenery 2015 last examination general excellent work of Narita

Narita shikisaisai Grand Prix
Mayor Narita Prize
[summer smile]
(than a summer part)

Midsummer was expressed as a very large sunflower field in the young people full of smiles.

Spring part Grand Prix
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize

The Wadaiko team of the high school student, the energy that the drum emits are shown to the maximum and shake the mind of the audience whom power and a performance of the youth look at.

Summer part Grand Prix
The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
[bloom blooms in the summer]
Yukio Nitta

Much "bloom" blooms in profusion in resplendence of all sorts of flowers, the Narita Gion Festival, and there is oneself possessed in charm.

Autumn part Grand Prix
Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
[take a shower of the light]
Ichiro Irioka

I joined the hands for a dramatic shaft of light which I came across in Sogo Reido Sanctuary of the late fall, fantastic light unintentionally.

Winter part Grand Prix
Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
[the large main gate of a Buddhist temple is colored]
Yasuo Suzuki

The fun of the pond seen by chance which colors of the clothes of the Buddhist priest are liked, and I go in Sogo Reido Sanctuary, and is taken.
This photograph waited for in the time when a blue sky came out as a blue sky and the time when light turned around to a Japanese pampas grass in Sogo Reido Sanctuary early in the morning on the next day and photographed it.

Judge special prize
Narita International Airport's president Prize
[airport cool air view]
(than a summer part)
Masahiko Tamura

It was heard that I let the aquarium was prepared into the airport, and a lotus flower bloom, and I went in the field, but was in trouble without the airplane which expressed an airport being put.

Judge special prize
Narita City Tourism Association long prize
[people enjoying a hydrangea]
(than a summer part)
Hiroshi Okazawa

Oak leaf hydrangeas of "the hydrangea garden" of the Sogo Reido Sanctuary are liked, and it is looked forward to every year.
As flowering was earlier than a common hydrangea, three times of 27 years came.
I win a prize in "the diameter of the hydrangea" for 19 years in the last time (76 years old).
Winning an oak leaf hydrangea (84 years old); do it, and is pleased.
June is looked forward to this year.



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Part prize-winning work of scenery 2015 spring of Narita


[pond of the mirror]
Katsuyuki Ishii

[in a strong wind!]
Hiroyuki Isobe

Fine work

[shutter chance]
Shozo Hashimoto

[evening landscape]
Mitsunori Yashiro

[cutting in two with a single stroke of a sword]
Yoshihiko Ishikawa


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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2015 summer of Narita


[I struggle for the guidance of the festival car]
Tadao Iwai

[purification ceremony ぎ]
Hiroaki Ito

[dedication is danced dance all-out]
Yukio Kusano

Fine work

[あ, やっとさ -!]
Ichiro Irioka

[gathering of Shirasagi]

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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2015 autumn of Narita


[I flew to Narita]

[the investigation to cause brocade autumn]

Fine work

[morning of the autumnal scenery]
Masahiko Tamura

[foods grilled with salt and "the Unari-kun" of the sweetfish]
Taiki Enomoto

[a dance girl visits it]
Ryoichi Watanabe

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Part prize-winning work of the scenery 2015 winter of Narita



[leaf rain]

[cherry blossoms and shooting star ... of fantasy - winter of the light]
Ichiro Irioka

[the cheerful age daughter who winds it up, and spurts]
Haruki Yamakata

Fine work

[request for happiness]
Isami Kondo

[for protection of one year with thanks]
Shu Umezawa year

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I hold "scenery of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" sequentially, and the Narita City Tourism Association recruits the works from all of you.
I look forward to the application from all of you.

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