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A work passing the part first examination of the scenery 2020-2021 autumn of Narita announces

There is much beautiful scenery in our town Narita.
A festival and the living of Events, a famous temple with a venerable history and the cityscape of the door front conveying history, the new town which overflows that people come and go and are full and people to come to the rich Nature, native district showing the seasonal expression. The works which cut various "now of Narita" as seasonal scenery were raised.

The work which passed the first examination of the part of the "scenery 2020-2021 of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" autumn in 2019 is introduced. Thank you very much for applying from many of you.

The work which passes the part first examination of the scenery 2020-2021 autumn of Narita

[prayer weather]
Ichiro Irioka

[quiet in autumn]
Masahiko Tamura

[it shines in autumn]
Toshiyasu Suda

[full of appetites]

[miraculous morning]
Yasuyuki Hayashi

[guardian angel Toho Shrine of Narita]
Katsuhiro Fukuhara

[late fall]
Minoru Okano

[with Fuji]
Watanabe one

Koji Shimada

[Lake Imba of the morning fog]
Circle Masahiko

[it is 向, or be for the light in autumn]
Hideto Takahashi

[autumn to deepen, and to go]
Mieko Takahashi

Ryoichi Watanabe

[七五三詣 り]
Aoyagi trunk city

[carpet of the leaf of the ginkgo]

[sound of the sounding koto]
Mitsuo Takeda

[I take a walk through an approach to a shrine by prevention of infection]
Hiroyuki Isobe

[if I look up brocade]
Ryushin Matsumoto

[autumn floating temple]
Shoichiro Nishiwaki

[autumn reluctance of leaving]
Masahiko Tamura

[autumn is enjoyed]
Yukio Nitta

[it leads to 秋映]
Shigetoshi Okano

[sound of the koto affecting light in autumn]
Hole Sawa chapter

[autumnal scenery deepens]
Takayuki Saito

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I hold "scenery of Narita shikisaisai Photo contest Narita" sequentially, and the Narita City Tourism Association recruits the works from all of you.
I look forward to the application from all of you.

Scenery recruitment of Narita essential point page

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