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Marroad International Hotel Narita

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The Marroad International Hotel Narita of 800 guest rooms proud of the Narita maximum number built adjacent to Narita International Airport.
From a restaurant of the top floor, expect the arrival and departure of the airplane close and project a wonderful night view to a big window.
Please use this hotel leading to the world countries as a resort and a new intersection of the Business-related.

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It is next to the runway soon, and you can see the arrival and departure of the airplane close from guest room and the top floor restaurant facing the runway.

You are open every day, and please use the sky lunch only by a meal casually. As there are a private room and the banquet room, the consultation of a banquet and the dinner is accepted.

The bedclothing which does calm interior and Simmons Corporation and collaboration, and the guest room which is 800 comprises an insecticide effect, and acquires eco-tex standard 100 is adopted.
Above all, "the orchid way view plan" that can stay in the room of the runway view only in here is popular.
Please spend a time of peace.

There is the sky view dining Rumi yell reopened in the hotel top floor in August, 2023.
Time when the night view where the light-up of an airport and the runway is beautiful is romantic is created with the dinner while looking at the elegant figure that an airplane takes off with the lunch.
Please use it casually.

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763-1, Komaino, Narita-shi, Chiba

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The nearest station: It is a shuttle bus about ten share from Airport Terminal 2

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is a shuttle bus about ten share from Airport Terminal 2


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about five shares by car from Narita IC

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This information becomes the information as of March 12, 2024.

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