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Radisson Narita

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Site where Tokyo Dome 2.5 times is very large in Radisson Narita, 490 rooms among green gardens.
Green to be able to taste a resort feeling while being in the country even if I do not go abroad is the hotel which overflowed.
The free shuttle buses from Narita Station to a hotel run to a hotel via the first terminal from the second terminal.
In addition, JR Tokyo highway bus (pay) runs between Tokyo Station and Radisson Hotel and becomes very convenient.

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The California restaurant which overlooks a beautiful garden and the outdoor Swimming from the wide window facing the terrace.
A chef gives the smorgasbord of the lunch evening free in the morning from open kitchen. I prepare for the cooking of a la carte widely.
Breakfast prepares for a waffle and many egg dishes, the cooking that is Japanese-style in the Vikings. The dinner prepares smorgasbord to invite for the trip to taste circulation to all the countries of the world every day in rotation.
How about the California wine for the attendant of the trip to have enjoy taste of the world? In the mop-up of the trip to taste circumference, please have a cake and the dessert of the pastry chef handicraft.

The sports bar which an atmosphere that the tools which the cameo of the former sports, a photograph and themselves of the excellent player good old used are decorated crowdedly in the shop and remind you of the United States drifts.
A dart game and billiards, charm of the sports bar including the broadcast of the sports program with the large telescreen can be fully thoroughly enjoyed.

The large Hot springs spa facilities "hot water comfort castle" which was born in a site of Radisson Narita
It is in the place for about 30 minutes and a slight resort feeling among the green from Narita Airport from Tokyo for about one hour.
The building greatly has the appearance of the sum, and a Europe-like lobby welcomes when it is received for entrance one step.

When the lobby was gone through, I seemed to skid suddenly in time in the Edo era
In the restaurant lined with cityscape of Edo, I prepare for the meals such as Izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) and a sweets shop, noodles or the rice dish.

A fountain show and the entertainment of the force perfect score are developed.

A couple and a family, a work friend, a close friend can be enjoyed while relaxing slowly why.

The bath includes an inside bath and the Outdoor baths which are most, a pot bath and heals an everyday tired body slowly.

<Outdoor baths>
The heart can spend the time when the body is healed with wind than a feeling while looking at planting and starlit sky cared for by a craftsman.

<pot bath>
"The terra hertzian wave" flows through the prepared pot bath to the plot of the Outdoor baths.
The hot water which a lot of terra hertzian wave was included in is improved by water having abundant anions, and I change in delicious live water indulgently, and a good effect is brought by health and beauty.

<plain hot water>
The light on a good day inserts it in the plain hot water of the family bath from a feeling of opening big window which there is and hands and feet are stretched out while looking at a seasonal change and can take a bath slowly.

<microbubble bath>
Super minute air bubbles sink into the body, and the microbubble warmed from the core of the body is recommended toward the poor circulation. In addition, the waste material in the pore which is hard to fall is removed with the soap, and, as for the bath up, it is on smooth skin with moisture.

<low temperature bath>
34-38 degrees Celsius のぬるめのお hot water is most suitable for a low warm bath. I gradually gradually sweat when I take a bath for around 20 minutes, and capillary and an erasion nerve are expanded and activate the blood circulation of the whole body. Parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant, and mind and body are relaxed, and there is a sound sleep effect.

<sauna, bedrock bath>
An everyday tired body is healed while sweating by the bedrock bath with a sauna and the detox effect covered in the fragrance of the hinoki slowly.

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650-35, Nanae, Tomisato-shi, Chiba

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The nearest station: It is shuttle bus about 20 minutes from Narita Airport

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is shuttle bus about 30 minutes from Airport Terminal 2

Keisei access line

The nearest station: It is shuttle bus about 30 minutes from Airport Terminal 2


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about 20 minutes by car from Tomisato IC


JR Tokyo highway bus (pay) runs in Tokyo Station - hotels
The time required is an about 60~90 minute
The bus ticket to Tokyo can be purchased at the front desk at the hotel.

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This information becomes the information as of February 19, 2020.

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