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Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine)

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The venerable Shinto shrine which is listed in the name of a god book of "the Engi era type" edited in the Heian era. It is a deepest-placed shrine that there is what there is in 台方区稷山 from two companies of the head office and the deepest-placed shrine in the hand black of the approximately 800 meters away boat-shaped thing ward to the north in the head office. 台方社 enshrines 稚産霊神 and is worshiped as a guardian deity of industry, good luck, longevity, the good luck charm.
The huge tree of Osugi of 1370 to rise highly so as to thrust the sky years old was planted in the times when Prince Shotoku lived, and is a sacred tree got close to as 8 meters in diameter, 40 meters in height, East Japan's best Osugi.
I am admired as a sacred tree of the perpetual youth and longevity prayer in particular today. Much prayer is carried out from the old days, and a sacred light shines than a treetop before the great desire accomplishment and is handed down when there is an oracle. The forest which is full of neighboring green is appointed in Natural monuments of Chiba including this sacred tree as "a forest of the Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine)".

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The forest of the Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine) is appointed in Natural monuments from Chiba.
A festival is practiced on last Sunday of July, and a classic lion dance performer is dedicated every year.

Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine) with Osugi of Toichi Seki.
For 1,200 years years old, there are diameter of a tree as measured at eye level length around the trunk 8m, 40m in height and is worshiped as a guardian deity of longevity, the good luck charm.

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Daikata, Narita-shi, Chiba character millet mountain 1


Free of charge
Around six Parking

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The nearest station: It is bus about 25 minutes from Narita

Keisei Electric Railway

The nearest station: It is bus about 25 minutes from Keiseinarita


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about 25 minutes by car from Narita IC


"Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine)" gets off in the community bus Kitasuka route (for Sogo Reido Sanctuary, the simplified Japanese half-coat handing over area) for ride 25 minutes from before Narita City Office

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