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有限会社 沢田漬物

Sawada Tsukemono (Japanese-style Pickles)

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It is a historical Pickles shop founded in 1960. Various Pickles including a specialty Narita city soaked in "gun" is sent to the customer.

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It is a specialty Narita city soaked in "gun".

The article which held down salt as well as the article of the traditional seasoning is easy to eat, and is bite-sized, and prepare the thing of various forms that met the request of the customer including the article which cut.

Various Pickles is produced as well as "gun pickles".

This is "ginger miso pickles".

I tried for improvement of quality, the taste while protecting the traditional classic 3 degrees pickles manufacturing method.

It can be just had, but the person worried about salt drops miso and it is after and can have deliciously.

This is "chopped cucumber pickles".

A fruit of ginger and the shiso was added to a chopped cucumber, and I let specially made soy sauce became dull and mature slowly and carefully.

Because it is soaked after carving beforehand, it is served right after opening, and it can be had.

In addition, please buy it to an attendant of own rice for the gift-giving to important people by all means as various Pickles is prepared in the Sawada Pickles.

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71-27, Nogedaira, Narita-shi, Chiba

Regular holiday, holiday

On Wednesday


Free of charge

This information becomes the information as of July 10, 2017.

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