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楽満寺(しもふさ七福神 恵比寿)

Rakumanji (Ebisu)

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Seven Deities of Good Luck Ebisu (general public relief, fortune fortune, God of the business) that is worshiped

The comfort temple is a temple of 臨在宗 (Myoshin-ji Temple group).
The man himself is the priest's staff ring Goddess of Mercy of 安産子育. Kasuga product.
The guardian deity of the mother of Yoritomo Minamoto, the true morning is said to be.
It is said to be "Kannon of Nakazato" and is famous as a temple of the easy delivery child care prayer.

There is a stone tablet of the Basho in the precincts.
As soon as if is soft and crumbling, a Japanese mountain rose is scattered; the sound of the waterfall

In addition, when it is the famous spot of colored leaves, and it is the middle of November, the trees around the precincts change color wonderfully and are full of many photographers.

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Ebisu with the sea bream in front of the pond which a carp swam.
The device injury that is smart to the left offertory box.

A guardian angel of the easy delivery child care.
Chizo holds a baby, too.

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309, Nakazato, Narita-shi, Chiba


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Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about five minutes by car from Narita IC

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Rakumanji Temple (Ebisu)

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