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Narita, Cochian

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Welcome to a tiger intellect hermitage (cochian)

At the store of the Japanese house which is full of green slightly away from the Narita city
Please spend a happy time with a family and the close friend

All the shops are chair seats

I am particular about domestic production, and the soba provides all hand kneading, soba (100% of buckwheat flour) of the closing a bargain

The lunch is all right without making a reservation

The side banquet dishes that the night business is limited to one set
Please make a reservation by all means by the day before

Recommended information from a store


Juwari soba of the closing a bargain hand-kneaded as for the soba
Please thoroughly enjoy soba having just finished beating

A spice is not put to the soba
Please enjoy a soba original fragrance

The lunch has a one piece of article menu other than a menu of the soba
At night only as for the soba banquet dishes (require reservation until the day before)

A making soba experience classroom for foreign tourists is scheduled!

The freshly-fried Tempura uses fresh local vegetables

The jam is made with organic vegetables
By the order for lunch-limited set
The dessert using the handmade jam can be tasted

Basic information



544-1, Taka, Narita-shi, Chiba

Business hours

From 11:00 to 21:30

Business hours remarks

It is ordered in the last at half past 14 from business 11:00 of the noon
It is ordered in the last at 21:00 from business 17:00 at night
(only one set-limited soba banquet dishes require reservation at night until the day before)

Regular holiday, holiday

On Tuesday | On Wednesday | On Thursday
I will do business on a holiday. (excluded for New Year holidays)

Use of card

paypay can be used


Free of charge

Traffic access


The nearest station: It is about 30 minutes on foot from Namegawa


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about five minutes by car from Shimousa IC


I go to the Platform 5 Choshi area from JR Narita Station and am around ten minutes by taxi from the third Shimousa-Kozaki Station

Facilities information


Available facilities

Restroom facilities | Eating and drinking facilities | A reservation is possible

The contact information details


Contact us

Narita, tiger intellect hermitage (なりた, こちあん)

Phone number


E-mail address


This information becomes the information as of June 06, 2023.

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