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A contributor's haiku contest prizewinner of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom was selected

Being selected is decided the excellent haiku of the contributor's haiku contest of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom

"Plum Blossom Festival" held in a Naritasan park in February, 2019, March recruited haikus of the enjoying ume blossom.
I have Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Terasu Hashimoto Minoru select haiku, and being selected will announce it excellent haiku as I was selected. Thank you very much for much application.

Ten excellent haiku

  • Mayor Narita Prize
    Kick plum blossoms (it is considered to be Suzuki child) which there is one tree striking a "mie" pose in
  • Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
    Both the plum and the Olympics bloom from Narita (Yukako Murakami)
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize
    The murmuring droop plum (Tami Nunomura Megumi) which connects a pond and the pond
  • Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
    A corner of the winter plum tree with reddish blossom shrine blooms quietly (Masahiko Tamura)
  • Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. prize
    White plum blossoms and branch point light of every direction rise (Hiroko Nagashima)
  • JR Stationmaster Narita Prize
    The person branch of the Japanese apricot with red blossoms and Basho stone tablet (Sadako Hosaka) which gets out
  • Takajo Mitsuhashi Prize
    Hawk woman plum Festival to create gaiety to the built way (Tadashi Ishii)
  • The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
    Corps storehouse plum Festival to glare at of the phrase of the empty child (柴﨑悦男様)
  • Narita International Airport prize
    White plum blossoms and a cloud to two a jet cloud (Shoji Kureyama)
  • Narita City Tourism Association long prize
    As soon as a plum blooms; 500 (Rieko Yamagata) of the village of Narita 

Winning 21 phrases

  • Cloud style る (Masaharu Uchiyama) of plum Festival Daito of the sky
  • うめのはなわたあめみたいにいいにおい (Sodai Kuribayashi)
  • Count it overspill day of stairs; from plum day (Kozo Arai)
  • In a wife and a child and families 眺 む plum blossoms (Hiroshi Arakawa)
  • Cleanse a heart for prayer; and Ume Narita (Yoko Asari)
  • Culture plum of Narita is worshiped to the next generation (Ishida るみ child)
  • Get ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year of mother; and news from 80 plums (Sakuma Hiro child)
  • Plum festival (Shinmi Suzuki) to give glory to the last of the Heisei
  • Mother who does not say including incense and the complaint of the plum is remembered (Noriko Ogawa)
  • At the seat of the やはらかき Imperial rest house in the field the wind (Yoshiko Ono) of the plum
  • The reins are thanked for staying young, and a plum is enshrined (Ishida justice person)
  • Wash down unpleasant wind lightly; plum weather (Kenji Koda)
  • Canvas plum blossoms (Yuichi Nagayama) which are blue if I look up
  • The incense of the plum and stick (Yoshie Kajiwara) of mother of 成田詣
  • Enjoy an Imperial rest house in the field to a blue sky; hang down; a plum (south Hisayo)
  • It swells out, and is it the bud of the late-blooming plum (state oriented to Endo)?
  • Plum ひとひらに hands dancing in a shoulder-worn robe are put together (Takako Higaki)
  • Plum blossoms (Toshio Hoshino) which it be mossed, and it is done, and Furuki retains
  • There seems to be Jodo of the plum under eyes (Naoaki Tanaka)
  • Carp and plum Festival as the tail をふりて gathering (Sachiko Tanaka)
  • Play bud love and others of the rose-pink; plum blossoms (Kanagawa さち)