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An update day: February 20, 2020

About the cancellation of "the sixth Narita child Meijin match"

About the following shogi meeting that you were told about, it was decided to give up holding in consideration for extended prevention of the new coronavirus the other day.
In the character of the meeting, it was decided with giving first priority to the security of the participant from specialty of "the shogi" to meet it, and to touch it through a piece each other in addition to players gathering from the various places throughout Kanto.
Holding is done close, and it becomes such a notification, and I'm very sorry, but understanding would be appreciated your.


Date Sunday, February 23, 2020
Venue Narita international culture society Tachi international meeting room (qualifier) on the second floor, the first-floor small hall (the final)
Participant It is 64 primary schoolchildren with the confidence of the whole country to an arm of shogi
Umpire The Japan Shogi Association Kazuki Kimura throne
Sponsorship Narita City Tourism Association
Cooperation Narita city, Japan Shogi Association, Hasegawa drapery, Narita International Airport, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., rice dealer, Narita city agricultural cooperative
Reference The sixth Narita child Meijin match executive committee secretariat
Charge: Mineo Suwa (federation of Narita city shogi) 
A cell-phone number: 090-2493-9956