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About Japanese inheritance "north total four city Edo travelogue" logo mark

Process of the logo mark choice

 Because an inheritance to constitute in Sakura-shi, Katori-shi, Choshi-shi of Japan had many people know "the north total の cityscape which felt north total four city Edo travelogue Edo" other than Narita city, it was decided to devise a symbol and the logo mark that it was, and after recruiting you during periods from July 22, 2019 to September 2, I had 32 points of application.

The vote by Chiba and the committee of the north total four city Edo travelogue utilization meeting to be composed of four was carried out from that, and it was squeezed to four points. About these four points, the referendum by an event site, the email was carried out during periods from October 12, 2019 to November 24, and it was decided on the next logo mark. 

Logo mark concept by the producer
"White ヌキライン expressed Sakura way, two ways of the Tone River transportation by water and put an image on initial E of the Edo travelogue. In addition, in combination with the motifs such as Edo atmospheric cityscape, ship, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, night-light, cherry blossoms, taste of Edo is felt, and the characteristic of the north total four city to stay of the historic cultural heritage is expressed."


The north total four city Edo travelogue logo mark rises to have many people know it, and it is going to use it to various things such as a flag or printed matter in future. 



Vote of the logo mark

State of the vote in the Events

Announcement of the logo mark

The logo mark chosen on the north total four city Edo travelogue stage of the PR Events on "the day of the inheritance of Japan" carried out in Yurakucho on February 13, 2020 was announced, and the premium was presented to a logo mark applicant.


State of the logo mark announcement