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Narita Gion Festival was called off in 2020

Cancellation is decided in the Narita Gion Festival executive committee

In the Narita Gion Festival executive committee of Monday, April 20, relief, security was considered to having top priority out of concern of the further infection spread of the new coronavirus, and cancellation of "the 2020 Narita Gion Festival" was decided. Understanding would be appreciated your.



A Narita Gion Festival original frame stamp is now on sale.

A stamp (entering ten pieces of 1 sheet 84-yen stamps) that each festival car, stand in the town block was designed is sold at the following post office from Monday, April 20.

  • Sale place
    Post office of Narita city, Tomisato-shi, Sakura-shi, Shisui-machi, Sakaemachi
  • Price (per 1 sheet)
    1,330 yen
  • The number of the sale
    1,100 sheet
    ※For more details, please refer to Japan Post Co., Ltd. (TEL: 048-600-1043).