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A contributor's haiku contest prizewinner of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom was selected

Being selected is decided the excellent haiku of the contributor's haiku contest of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom

"Plum Blossom Festival" held in a Naritasan park in February, 2020, March recruited haikus of the enjoying ume blossom.
I have Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Terasu Hashimoto Minoru select haiku, and being selected will announce it excellent haiku as I was selected. Thank you very much for much application.


Ten excellent haiku

  •  Mayor Narita Prize
    Ideal day for a plum to the tag cheers sky (Toshie Fukuchi)
  • Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
    To a Buddha's preach about truth and erhu alarm meal plum blossoms (Shota Seichi)
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize
    Plum innocence is made as soon as the azure sky of the tip is thrust (Aoki Tsurugi)
  • Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
    As soon as a Japanese apricot shines in a paper-covered mantel; the early evening (Murashima Kaoru)
  • Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. prize
    Village accent asking a plum weather crowd (Yoshie Kajiwara)
  • JR Stationmaster Narita Prize
    Expand in a heart style of fragrance of ume flower and the goma (Masanari Uchida)
  • Takajo Mitsuhashi Prize
    The fragrance of the plum kicks an outer gate if it sinks (Kei Abe)
  • The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
    Plum blossoms (Michiko Ishigami) that I make merry with the sound of the samisen, and a dance goes
  • Narita International Airport prize
    To the inexhaustible sky of the passenger plane the trip (Igarashi Hideyama) of the plum
  • Narita City Tourism Association long prize
    The incense of the plum is attached to a sound of the erhu, and I offer hospitality (Aiko Nagayama) 

Winning 20 phrases

  • The sky (Masahiko Tamura) blue colorfully of white plum blossoms
  • The main hall of a Buddhist temple plum weather (Ishida るみ child) that a Buddha's preach about truth affects
  • Plum innocence is made, and I move forward with a daughter in quietness (Kazuko Katsuta)
  • Events of the turnout takes its ease and enshrines a plum (Akiko Yatagawa)
  • I am invited and am in love with a plum of Narita (Kiwako Nakanishi)
  • The smile of the plum Festival person is rejected to bloom (Yoshitaka Omori)
  • If rotate in an illustrated book hand; today Dr. Ume (Yukako Murakami)
  • Own child leaves and enshrines loneliness 紛 る plum (ナイーム Mitsuko)
  • Just further smell ひのやさしけり (Reiko Imai) of the plum
  • Plum Festival indulging in yearning for the old days of a time (Setsuo Kajiwara)
  • A Japanese apricot with red blossoms and arched bridge (Sachiko Tanaka) which passes slowly
  • Dyeing with vegetable dyes gaiety is attached, and a plum is enshrined (Rika Hiraide)
  • Naritasan (Reiko Igaki) which an aeroplane carries the incense of the plum to
  • Good a difference stain lottery plum Festival quietly (Tami Nunomura Megumi)
  • For a disaster-resistant; pass; and plum smell ふ (sword Neshi) of the Perfect Bliss
  • Sell the warmth of the back-scratcher and do it and enshrine a plum (髙橋好江様)
  • A sound of the parcel goma cleans incense and enshrines a plum (Takako Higaki)
  • That my way is considered to be a dream is the incense of the plum (Hiroshi Wakabayashi)
  • Is it the tea ceremony of the plum Festival ponytail (Minoru Sasaki)?
  • I copy a sutra, and, at first, a plum of the relief is enshrined (Toshie Yamada)