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About the reopening of Narita City Tourist Information Office, the Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion)

With the emergency declaration in Chiba announced on April 7 and the metropolitan area area, Narita City Tourist Information Office and Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion) were assumed temporary closure, but, by cancellation of the emergency declaration, business will be reopened as follows.

  • Narita City Tourist Information Office (JR Narita Station approach to a shrine Exit)
    I reopen from Monday, June 1
  • Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion)
    I reopen from Tuesday, June 2

The following approach is carried out for prevention of infection spread.
・Mask wearing of the staff and thorough physical condition management, an enforcement of hand-washing, the finger sterilization.
・The antiseptic solution of the finger is installed.
・A door and a window are left open, and it is always ventilated.
・A plastic curtain is installed in the counter, and prevention of droplet infection is planned.
・The disinfectant work in the periodical place is performed.
・About the Narita City Tourist Information Office, I set a limit to admission and should be admission by one set (around two).

In addition, I would like the following cooperation to the customer of the visit to an office.
・Please wear the mask.
・Please sterilize the finger.
・Human interval would appreciate your being opened with people.
・As for the fever with the symptom, please refrain from a visit to an office.

It becomes the closure, but, until Sunday, May 31, the staff works in Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion).
If there are inquiries, a telephone (0476-24-3232) would be appreciated.