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The free downloading of "the infection prophylaxis PR poster" was begun

Let's publicize the measures of each shop

In Chiba, emergency declaration was canceled on Monday, May 25.
"A new lifestyle" is explored now while taking new coronavirus infectious disease and preventive measures against infection spread of influenza.
I have a customer understand the infection measures of each shop enough, and it may become important to use it in peace from now on.
A help of the communication was made, and "an infection prophylaxis PR poster" was made in the Narita City Tourism Association.
PDF is printed, and it would appreciate your being posted on the entrances of the shop.
Anyone downloads it freely, and please use it. 

  • The notice in line with the approach of the shop, please.
  • Contents are edited, and please use it, if necessary.
  • Please refrain from the distribution of the secondary production thing.

Contact is not necessary and, without a problem, is available as above.


"Infection prophylaxis PR poster" downloading PDF (all 4 pages)
(PDF: 999KB)

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