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Narita Airport notebook 2021 raises crowd funding 

Notebook only in Narita with benefits

The Narita Airport notebook which became the topic as a notebook only by Narita who had an airport last year.
Popularity was won that various privileges could be received in restaurant shops 100 stores of Narita Airport and the around airport area or more just not only to record the information of an airport and the trip, but also showed a notebook.

And the covers of the other version were increased, and production of "Narita Airport notebook 2021" was decided.

If the target is achieved by crowd funding, it comes true

Crowd funding is used about the production costs, and it comes true when it reaches the target.
I would like cooperation such as the information diffusion by all means.

The privilege stores of the notebook are raised

It is the characteristic of the airport notebook that can get an advantageous privilege when a notebook is shown.
Business Tokoro who can cooperate as the privilege store is recruited.


Narita Airport notebook issuance plan committee secretariat Orange worth/Agata