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It is the text from here.

Narita is broadcasted by a TV show on July 4 and 11th

It will be broadcasted by the following TV show about Narita. Please see it by all means.

It is going to be broadcasted with NHK and Chiba TV

Trip, extra wonderful on NHK "good morning Japan" Saturday

"I do not lose to a corona! The approach Chiba, Narita time of the sightseeing spot (tentative title)

Airdate time: From Saturday, July 4 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 (corner for approximately ten minutes)

Chiba TV "Narita Gion Festival digest"

The summary version of the past seven years air show. The comment to register newly of Mayor Koizumi is broadcasted.

Airdate time: From Saturday, July 11 18:05 to 19:00