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An update day: July 11, 2020

About traffic regulation around August, 2020, the September Naritasan

You are informed about traffic regulation around the Naritasan of August, September.
I apologize to all of the use for the inconvenience by car, but would appreciate your cooperation.

Traffic regulation (External link) is displayed on a big map in FEEL Narita August, September

  • A date:
    August, 2020
       Daily Saturday, 2nd Sunday, 8th Saturday, 9th Sunday

    September, 2020
        On 5th Saturday, 6th Sunday, 12th Saturday, 13th Sunday,
      19th Saturday, 20th Sunday, 21st Monday (holiday), 22nd Tuesday (holiday),
      26th Saturday, 27th Sunday
  • Section and time:
    Yakushido Hall - Naritasan door front (pan shop corner) from 11:00 to 16:00