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About conspiracy or "a photograph championship" and the offer of the "stamp rally" participation shop

By Narita area portal site "conspiracy", a "conspiracy or photograph championship" work and "conspiracy or stamp rally" participation shops are raised.

Local ardent support! It is raised from conspiracy or photograph championship, August 1, and it starts

Narita area portal site "conspiracy" recruits the photographs which charm of the Narita area was put in from Saturday, August 1, and it starts.
"Charm of the Narita area" photographed in the Narita city and the adjacent municipalities applies to the photograph (scenery, people, meal) of the theme.
The application method varies and can apply from mail, WEB, Instagram. Even several points of one can apply.
The offer period from Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Sunday, December 6. A luxurious prize is presented to a prize winner. You are stirred up, and please apply.

The details including the way of application, please confirm Narita portal site "conspiracy".


Narita area maximum! Conspiracy or stamp rally participation shop offer

The Narita area that linked Narita to the airport's greatest stamp rally "conspiracy or stamp rally." About 900 stores participated last year.
I am started on Saturday, October 10, 2020 this year during a period of Sunday, December 6. The participation shop of the stamp rally is with offer average at any time.
The target shop is stores such as product sales, eating and drinking, a service industry of Narita city, Hiyoshidai, Tomisato-shi. (entrance fee 2,000 yen)
Please contact conspiracy or the stamp rally secretariat for the shop of the participation consideration.

  • Conspiracy or the stamp rally secretariat
    A phone number: 0476-20-2345