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About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

Thank you very much for all of the visits coming over to Narita.
For prevention of infection spread of the new coronavirus, the wearing of the mask and the distance with people and the person are kept, and the cooperation, please not to become dense.

In addition, you are careful about heat stroke and take the water diligently, and please note physical condition management.

In Narita City Tourist Information Office, the Narita Kankokan (Narita Tourist Pavilion), the following approaches are carried out for prevention of infection spread.
・Mask wearing of the staff and thorough physical condition management, an enforcement of hand-washing, the finger sterilization.
・The antiseptic solution of the finger is installed.
・A door and a window are left open, and it is always ventilated.
・A plastic curtain is installed in the counter, and prevention of droplet infection is planned.
・The disinfectant work in the periodical place is performed.
・About the Narita City Tourist Information Office, I set a limit to admission and should be admission by one set (around two).

Let's publicize new coronavirus infectious disease measures to all of each store

It lasts, and the new model coronavirus infectious disease measures, please so that a customer feels relieved, and all of each store can do a meal, shopping.

"An infection prophylaxis PR poster" is made in the Narita City Tourism Association.
PDF is printed, and it would appreciate your being posted on the entrances of the shop.
Anyone downloads it freely, and please use it. 


  • The notice in line with the approach of the shop, please.
  • Contents are edited, and please use it, if necessary.
  • Please refrain from the distribution of the secondary production thing.

Contact is not necessary and, without a problem, is available as above.


"Infection prophylaxis PR poster" downloading PDF (all 4 pages)
(PDF: 999KB)

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