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なりた orange project
With this gusset which is valid with dementia

なりた orange project

In the Narita city, "with this gusset which is valid with dementia" is raised in the slogan promoting a dementia measure, and ⾏ う "なりた orange project" is carried out by an enlightenment activity about dementia in total between world Alzheimer ⽉.

During a period, I collaborate with the meeting (meeting of the oasis) of 成 ⽥⼭ 新勝寺 and 成 ⽥ Airport-related company, the 成 ⽥ city dementia family, and a message calling for understanding to dementia widely is sent.
Orange ⾊ is symbolic ⾊ where ⽀ 援 does ⼈ of dementia and the family.

In the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, the ⼤ main hall of a Buddhist temple is lighted up in orange ⾊.
From Tuesday, September 20, 2022 to Monday, September 26 18:00 ... 5:00

In the 成 ⽥ Airport, a cabin attendant and the staff bring an item of orange ⾊ in ⾝, and ⾏ is by an enlightenment activity in each place.
Other than setting, the staff wears orange ⾊, and, in the 成 ⽥ city hall, ⽤ does a banner and an enlightenment booth, and duties are carried out.


The Narita city welfare part care insurance section

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