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2022 年十三代目市川團十郎白猿襲名奉告御練 り worship Photo gallery


Ebizo Ichikawa length was visited for the eleventh generation when Danjuro Ichikawa white monkey was assumed Master's name of as a successor by authorized kabuki of November for the thirteenth generation on Saturday, October 22, 2022 by Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and was played 奉告 by the Danjuro succession to a person's name.
The Ebizo length is a The procession going slowly to Naritasan in Omotesando full of a large number of audiences on Kangen Horikoshi and a jinrikisha stepping on a debut as Shinnosuke Ichikawa for the eighth generation in an Ichikawa peony, the performance for the fourth generation of the eldest daughter. Goma ascetic practices were attended, and the succession to a person's name was had 奉告 of.
Afterwards, parent and child dedicate a dance in front of the Daihondo Hall that a bonfire was lighted all together. The last stage was shown as Ebizo Ichikawa for the "beauties of nature three famous views relation country" eleventh generation.