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Being selected is decided the excellent haiku of the contributor's haiku contest of the Plum Blossom Festival enjoying ume blossom

"Plum Blossom Festival" held in a Naritasan park in February, 2023, March recruited haikus of the enjoying ume blossom.
I have Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Teruyasu Kishida select haiku, and being selected will announce it excellent haiku as I was selected. Thank you very much for much application.

Ten excellent haiku

  • Mayor Narita Prize
    As make plum innocence, and come unsawn; to fine weather (Suzuki play Koto)
  • Narita city parliamentary speaker Prize
    For the art of the plum Festival samisen a crowd (brook Kiyoshi)
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple superintendent priest Prize
    Plum Festival praying for votive tablet stack peace (Takako Higaki)
  • Sogo Reido Sanctuary pipe main prize
    White plum blossoms and citizen of innocent heart justice cemetery (Toshimi Enoki)
  • Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. prize
    To the incense of the sumi the incense red seal book of the 綴 vine plum (Takezawa Takezato)
  • JR Stationmaster Narita Prize
    Plum Festival toward train trip Narita (Toshihiko Takamatsu)
  • Takajo Mitsuhashi Prize
    Is it the water にうつろふ hawk woman of the Japanese apricot with red blossoms (神郡一成様)?
  • The Narita Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Prize
    Multiple languages 飛 びかふ enjoying ume blossoms Naritasan (Keiko Sakimura)
  • Narita International Airport prize
    As soon as attack the azure sky of the jet; plum weather (Yoshie Kajiwara)
  • Narita City Tourism Association long prize
    Ups and downs plum weather (Toshie Fukuchi) that is moderate to Daito

Winning 20 phrases

  • Incense and a red carp and Enjoy floating temple (Riki Uemura storehouse) of the plum
  • A flock of pigeons which aim at Daito as soon as a plum blooms (Masumi Takasugi)
  • The smile returns to a blue sky, too and enshrines a plum (Noboru Momose exhibition state)
  • The smile of the enjoying ume blossoms return blooms on the approach to a shrine (Riko Chiba)
  • Two three (Harumi Furukawa) in a sounding out plum and the lens
  • At Daito and the seat of the tea party plum blossoms (Kazuhiko Terao)
  • Collect Naritasan sunlight; and plum ふふむ (Takashi Saito)
  • Plum Festival piled up of the sound of the murmuring (sword Neshi)
  • The white sight of an airplane (Hitomi Yano) which a blue sky of Bairin glares with
  • Ideal day for a departure plum to the heart world of the sum (Koichi Murakami)
  • The plum Festival that three stringed of hearts soften (Yutaka Maruta)
  • The far-off old days that are remembered to the incense of the plum (Kazue Suzuki)
  • The blue sky (Kyoko Horiba) where clears up the plum difference feeling
  • The plum of the founder's shrine is lighted as soon as it can be clouded (矢部重夫様)
  • Dance ふ (Hidefumi Nagashima) of the graceful 音色漂 ひ plum
  • Plum light (Hiroko Nagashima) which it gets dark, and is full of innocence
  • Have progressing of plum ケ incense; of the wind is soft (Kuniko Harada)
  • Garden (Etsuko Kinoshita) of a 揃 ひの sealed letter issued by a shogun book and the plum
  • Is it the outdoor tea ceremony that a positive comes to a plum beginning to bloom (Katsuyuki Sakazume)?
  • In the sky which a bell soaks, and there is Japanese apricot with red blossoms incense (Koji Takeuchi)