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Access Free Narita

It is a town walk sightseeing information service for mobile terminals for the city visit visitor providing necessary information by polite guidance from the place to be just of the eating staying moving Narita city buying it to watch the public wireless LAN service "Access Free Narita" with a tour guide for multiple languages.

People making a round trip of the city to one hand with a smartphone even as for the Narita city increase rapidly recently.
Convenient information to expand city sightseeing including sightseeing information and shopping and the Food and drink information could be acquired during a tour, and it was thought that it was connected for "the hospitality" in the new times for the customer of tourist city Narita to maintain the environment that could thoroughly enjoy pleasure of Narita thoroughly, and this service realized it by the cooperation of the member of Narita City Tourism Association volunteer.

Particularly, the convenience of the customer from all parts of the world that did not have the contract with the domestic phone company was considered, and both the password and the registration were unnecessary and even anyone was free to do it and located the exclusive connection terminal that could be connected at each site such as a hotel lobby, a shopping center in city at the time of connection around Omotesando that continued from Narita Station to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
As well as foreign tourists, I aim at having all customers feel charm of sightseeing in Narita.

Well, with a smartphone and a tablet terminal, please enjoy Narita walk.

Guidance of the Access Free Narita service

Service name

Town walk sightseeing information service for smartphone tablet terminals

"Access Free Narita"

Correspondence language

日本語, English

(simplified Chinese character Chinese, Chinese Traditional Chinese, Korean are going to be supported sequentially.)


Through Free Wi-Fi spots (the certification is not needed) that you who come to Narita are free of charge from the smartphone and tablet edge you have, it is the service that can read a page of the nearest tourist attraction information easily on the spot.


The number of guides contained for each 350 日本語/English.


When I was connected to the Free Wi-Fi spots, there is the function that a specific site is displayed automatically, and the public wireless LAN terminal to introduce this time provides sightseeing information of Narita to a customer using that.
I am going to have the "See" which a tourist visiting the Narita city needs most on the spot "Eat" "Buy" displays sightseeing information to "move" "staying", and the city make an excursion freely.

Public wireless LAN

At around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omotesando, a hotel lobby in the Narita city, each site in tourist attraction in the AEON MALL Narita others Narita city, a service offer is planned sequentially.

Around a public wireless LAN terminal setting point, the sticker of the design of the right figure is posted.

I come back to the top of the page

Access Free Narita public wireless LAN connection method

Free Wi-Fi spots connection method

A variety of apparatuses such as a PC, a smartphone, a game console equipped with a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) function are available.
As SSID "AccessFreeNarita" is found in the Wi-Fi service area, please be just connected.
Login, the certification are unnecessary.

About the connection procedure, please see the following.

(example) in the case of iPhone

After being connected to public wireless LAN "AccessFreeNarita", the introduction page of the setting cooperation office is displayed when a browser is started.

Using a GPS function, information can be looked for from the present location.
※Please validate the GPS function of the smartphone beforehand.

Attention, request on using it

The walk while I stare at the screen of a smartphone and the cell-phone is very dangerous.
In the town, a car and a bicycle are running. There are stairs and the step, too.
In addition, the person passing each other including the person pushing people and the stroller with brisk walk is a lot.
As we may lead to an accident to involve not only oneself but also the neighboring people, let's stop "walking while looking at the phone".

Terms of Use, disclaimers

  • The charge of the Access Free Narita (the following, this service) is free. The paid service in the Internet of the user burden you.
  • When information with high Stealth is transmitted and received as the wireless LAN does not encrypt it, it is recommended that communication contents are protected using SSL or Internet VPN securing security.
  • Please perform the security measures of the apparatus about the use of this service in users.
  • An act and a crime, a nuisance act against public order and morals that this service is used are prohibited.
  • The mass transmission of the email is limited.
  • I would like a notice not to be troubled toward other users.
  • When there is a prohibited act, a user is given an order for the use cancellation, and, also, the offer of this service shall be able to be canceled.
  • Using this service, the offer company of Narita city and this service does not take responsibility about any damage that a user or a third party took at all.
  • When crimes occurred using this service, the information to the police may be provided at request.
  • Please note that this service may be canceled without a notice by the reasons such as maintenance, check or the obstacle of facilities, the network to depend on a system.
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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Plum Blossom Festival

From Saturday, February 17 to Sunday, March 3

Narita Drum Festival

Saturday, April 20, 2024, 21st Sunday


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

The Hanasaki-cho handbook regular assembly ground that slept (it is held on first Saturday), door front venue (it is held for 28 days a month)

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